Rainbow Release

Friday Foto Fishing Report

Friday Foto Rainbow Release

Coming into a cooler weekend wether wise. Bring your warm clothing. Or come by the shop and stock up on all of the cool fall SIMMS gear that arrived yesterday. Downstream Jacket Puffy, the staff favorite Bulkley, Pro Dry Rainjacket, Midstream Puffy, and layering stuff that is sure to keep the frost off your shoulders this fall fishing the Missouri River.

Just like YouTube, the ad is up front. Now as always your free daily river booty…

Weekend Update from Headhunters of Craig.

Dry Flies you need to have include…

Callibaetis Spinner, Cripple, Dun. Great imitations include the Parachute Adams, or any of the purple parachute franchise so popular with all the kids.

Size 14 and 16 tan caddis patterns. Dead, running,or emerging.

Ants. All sizes, all flavors. Purple is white hot, man.

Trico’s. Minuscule if you prefer. Anything other than a Trico to a Trico will probably satisfy their generally narrow palette. When that day comes that they want a singular wing section or partial abdomen…then you gotta get creative. That is on you, the angler. Some just walk downstream into a more amenable situation. The smaller of cluster flies will work.

October Caddis. Your best orange attractor or caddis pattern. These are flies, like so many not so great hatches, that you gotta hoard a few patterns for that day, the day when it happens. I do carry a couple dozen adult patterns to satisfy me and the guest. One that dances with light feet are my favorites. The fish too. (And yes, I know it’s September. This is not a fluffy blog. Transparency is how we roll here at HH. No bullshit at every level. If you aren’t into that sorta behavior, there are a couple other shops in Craig.)

Hoppers. The bite is waning.

Nymphs that grace your box include…

Any small techy mayfly pattern. The techies the better. We like with small tungsten beads. And dangles below a giant Purple Haze. Or even a size 16. If you gotta be small. You remember Steve Martin’s skit about Getting Small. drug related, mid 70’s gag. “I once got so small I got in a vacuum cleaner.” Great comedy album. Great. “Then the drug wore off.” 

The daily Mo nymphs/bugs. Scuds, sows, worms, Craws, Zirdles, October Caddis Pupa, large Hare’s Ears, PT derivations.

Missouri River Baseline Info

Pressure? Not really. Great fishing. Great blind fishing, great nymphing. Lots up at the dam. Lots in the canyon. Pretty quiet elsewhere.

Water Temps and Flows. Low 60’s for the temps. Low 4K’s for the flows. Weeds with an upward thrust in some historic channels have made some islands and bars disappear. A strange phenomenon. Like it. Keeps us entertained around the water cooler.

Overheard at the Bar

Heard some non-local locals bitching about the traffic at the dam. If you don’t like lots of boats and wade anglers in a small 1 mile reach my strong suggestion is to fish any of the other 34 miles of fishable water here on the Mighty Mo. But I guess that would make too much sense.

Craig Montana

Cabins in Craig. We got ’em. Craig Trout Camp has 7 on site cabins for your lodging pleasure. Check it out here CraigLodging.com

Headhunters Cleaning House Sale. Come by for deals on closeouts, discontinued stock, rods, reels, lines, SIMMS, NRS, Douglas, Shelta Hats, packs and bags, Howler Bros, Logo Gear, sun gear galore including headgear, sun shirts, sun hoodies, and sun gloves!, flips, shoes, wading boots, demo rods, and much more! It’s all gotta go!!!

Have a great weekend. Get outside. It will soon be winter. Yuck! Autumn, fall, and early winter is a wonderful time to be out of doors. Enjoy.

Open daily 7-7 with free rot gut perked coffee on the porch every morning. Craig’s only WiFi, cell phone signal, and fishing information.





And Mayflies don’t always come in May



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