Friday Foto Redux

Friday Foto Redux

After seeing the Headhunters Fly Shop Blog Friday Foto post Patrick emailed yesterday morning with this update on his fishing career. Unfortunately the full time part has been interrupted…

Patrick Speaks

Friday Foto Redux
Patrick rocking it Winter Rainbow Style
Thanks for the 15 minutes of fame, that was a truly great day of fishing. Thanks Mark!
I am still shaggy, a lot worse really. But you are 100% correct on the begrudgingly involved part. (Pat speaking of the currently employed life)


Here is the updated shag, with a major ling while ice fishing,(4 am, lots of whiskey) and another from the shores of the lower Madison which has become my go to slay spot. They’re no Mo fish, but casting to risers all winter is not so bad. 


Hope you are all doing well, take care and hopefully I will see ya sooner than later!
Thanks Pat for the update. We wish you all the best in the near and future future in shedding the day job and getting back to your roots. We encourage that behavior.
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  • Pat
    Just talked to your mother and she instructed me to this site. Just wanted to say hey 🙂 miss ya.

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