Goose Quill Tungsten Jig Nymph Dakota Angler Vid

Goose Quill Tungsten Jig Nymph Dakota Angler Vid

Our friend to the east Hans Stephenson with this cool tying video with a Goose Quill Tungsten Jig Nymph today on the Headhunters Fly Fishing Daily Blog.

Hans owns a great shop in Rapid City, SD called the Dakota Angler. Tons of tying videos and all the tying materials you need to tie all of those fantastic flies!

This type of pattern is becoming quite popular even for those not all keyed up on the Euro Nymph and Euro Nymphing Techniques. Heavy, achieves depth rapidly, and riding with the hook upright are all benefits to this pattern.

Tying them yourself will save you lots of dollars this summer. But if you don’t like to tie before you arrive here in downtown Craig Montana, that’s cool too. We will have bins stuffed full of them. And many more you cannot refuse. Book your summer trip to the Mo today. Prime dates are nearly gone.

Enjoy your hump day today. Snowing here in Craig. Just a skiff, but enough to make it all white.

Fishing has returned this week as daytime temps reach towards the 40F mark. Shuttles, lodging, flies, hand warmers, and more at your favorite Montana fly shop.

Thanks Hans for the great tying videos!

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