Guide, Rental Boat, Wade Fish

Guide, Rental Boat, Wade Fish

A natural progression for some who visit the Missouri River any time of the year. Get guided one day. Rent a boat the next. And wade fish to finish out the week.

Hire a Guide

The logical starting point is to hire a guide the first day you fish the Missouri River. Why wouldn’t you go this route. Get a feel for the river. Watch and learn from the guide. Catch a few fish. And ask a ton of questions.

I have many times guided folks that have chosen to take the guide trip on the back end of their Missouri River trip. Why? As a reward for the week. I ask how the fishing was for them. They say “Not too good. I just don’t think we get where the fish live here on this resource. We see people catching fish around us but we have not put the pieces of the puzzle together yet.”

Get the clues, the pieces to the puzzle, the lay of the land…on the front end of your trip. Do the smart thing.

Get a Rental Boat

$150 gets you a rental boat from Headhunters Fly Shop. We dump it in, we pull it out, and we shuttle your vehicle while you are on the river. A deal for sure. Adipose “Flow” drifters are perfect of the Missouri River. A craft made for the tailwater conditions.

While you are getting guided you can ask questions on where to go, how to fish that particular reach, and how to rig properly. Your guide will offer up any and all information he or she has.

A rental boat is a good way to test your knowledge from the previous day or days. A fun time for up to three of you. Call us today to get your boat reserved.

Wade Fish

The Missouri River has a wonderful amount of wade fishing opportunities. Roads that flank both sides of the river for miles allow you the wade angler access that you may not find on too many other blue ribbon streams.

And the wade fishing is easy here on the Mo. Small pea gravel is what you will encounter for the most part and the common wade accessory for the summer months is your favorite pair of flip flops. No cleats required here!

Come in and see us at the shop and get your the only comprehensive free river map on the Missouri River.

Headhunters free large format paper map available at the shop today!

We will certainly point you in the right direction and show you the hot flies.

Headhunters is your trout fishing destination here on the Missouri River. Open first and open last every day of the year…except Christmas.

See us this fall for fly fishing fun on the Missouri River Craig Montana.

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