Headhunter Fly Line Update

We’ve now had several weeks to fish hard with our new Headhunter Fly Line, as well as receive feedback from the many customers who have purchased one. Generally speaking, it has been fantastic, the feedback has been incredibly positive, and sales are great. We’ll likely run out before our next batch arrives.

Here’s a few thoughts if you’re thinking about grabbing one for yourself:

1. The line definitely is more satisfying on moderate action rods. Our favorite matchups have been on the Orvis Helios 3F, Sage LL, Loomis NRX LP, etc. These are all slower “dry fly” or “presentation” actions. Exactly what we designed the line for, so no surprise. These rods have some feel and soul, and so does the Headhunter Fly Line.

The line absolutely throws on super fast action rods, in fact it throws some of the tightest, flattest, smoothest loops I’ve ever seen. But it hard to feel the line load until you’re well out past the performance zone. Also, it seems to us that the little neutral or negative feedback we’ve recieved was when the rod was paired with fast rods like the Sage Method, etc. For very advanced casters this may be a great combination and incredibly accurate, but for most weekend warriors we think you’d be better off sticking to a line like the SA Amplitude MPX.

2. As a do-everything line, the Headhunter is definitely more popular than we expected. A couple of our guides are touting it for hopper fishing with smaller patterns (typical of how we hopper on the Missouri). And, it’s a pretty good nymphing line. Generally speaking, I agree with the idea that you can use this line as an everyday driver, but with the following exclusions. a) If you tend towards long cast with very high line speed (you’re doing a lot of powerful single and double hauling) you’ll experience some line twist and you’ll start to lose some accuracy at distance, especially if you have a loose and open casting style.  On the other hand, if you have a relaxed, compact, old-school type of cast, and keep the distance reasonable (think small and medium freestone streams), you may find it to be the best line you’ve ever thrown.

3. If you’re a newer caster, it works, but I think there are better options that will help you feel what your line is doing, especially at the shorter distances you’re likely to be casting. This will help you develop a proper stroke quicker. The exception would be if you’re a newer caster who primarily fishes rivers like the Missouri or Henry’s Fork. You might as well use the line that you’ll want for those rivers.

So, for what we designed it for, we think it’s the perfect line, and so does nearly everyone who has purchased it. Small dries, 25-60 foot casts, and accuracy required it has few peers. But you can ask it to do too much, and it doesn’t pair as well with some of the super fast action rods on the market.

Remember if you’re in Craig, you can swing by the shop and grab a demo reel with a Headhunter line to try on your rod, or several rods. We always recommend that you try before you buy when it comes to rods and reels.

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  • This line is excellent on the Loomis Asquith for big water conditions. Fished great this summer on the Delaware and railroad ranch on the Henry’s fork!

  • Thanks for the feedback Chris. Anglers like you and places like those are who we designed the line for! – JA

    • Let me add a bit more detail (I am a gear junkie:)):

      I am a big fan of the triangle taper which has a huge following on the Delaware system. The HH line seems like an evolution of that great design with a longer head that is smoother in transition from head to running line. This line is the perfect fit for those long casts which require in-air mends, curve casts and most of all line control!

      On the Asquith seems to be a perfect match and does not feel too heavy!

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