Headhunters Closed Tuesday-Thursday

Headhunters Closed Tuesday-Thursday

Blowing hard last night. 60 mph locally. Now snowing, sideways. Will continue for the next couple days. Temps not crawling above the Zero mark beyond tonight will keep us at bay for this period.

So, see you later this week when we unthaw here in downtown Craig. Probably Friday. Call if you need to book summer reservations. The retail end at the shop paper closed. Booking line always open!

Stay warm and safe out there in Headhunters Land!


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  • Went to the park here in Northern California and practiced my 45 to 50 foot reach cast. Trying to land yarn 3 feet ahead of the center of my 4 pcs. rod tube. Left side and right side. Fun. Now using camp chair to simulate sitting in the boat. The fish better be ready.
    Almost March.

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