Headhunters Fly Shop Employment 2014

Headhunters Fly Shop Employment 2014 | Need a couple more good men and women!

We have hired a few good men and women for the season…we still need a couple more!

We are looking for full time fly shop staff April-October. Get in at the epi-center of modern American fly fishing fun this year @ Headhunters Fly Shop. Send in your resume today! Read below for how and where to send it…

The time has come once again and we are in need of a few good men and women here at the epi-center of modern American fly fishing…Montana’s Missouri River and Headhunters Fly Shop.

We are actively taking resumes for 2014 employment opportunities. We have already hired a few individuals that got on the early bird special. Early bird does get the worm. Finally, a real life analogy!

John wrote this web post and it is embedded on our site here under employment. Keep in mind a few of the important things hew states below. A good looking resume magically rises to the top of the pile. Those folks who do not capitalize i when speaking of themselves…well how can we overlook that? I know I misspell and incorrectly punctuate on a daily basis. But I already have the job!

A couple of the recent Headhunters Staffers have left for outside fly fishing jobs. Why leave Craig? We don’t understand it either, but these two have chosen to continue their fly fishing dream jobs in other arenas. Not everybody can rock it full time like Sara and Ninch.

We are not soliciting guides at this point. John and Mark’s outfitting needs are currently fulfilled. But, if you think you are somebody that we cannot deny, then come on down and take John or myself fishing for the day. We arguably have the most talented and requested guide staff on the Missouri and if you can squeeze yourself into this solid group…then we encourage your participation. We’d love to help you further your career as well.

So here we go. You want to work at one of the most prolific and favorite fly shops in America? You got what it takes? Well then, bring it.

This is an opportunity to work on the famed Missouri River with a group of like minded superstars @ Headhunters Fly Shop & Guide Service in Craig Montana.

Send your resume to info@headhuntersflyshop.com with Resume in the subject line.

Headhunters Fly Shop Employment 2014

Fly Fishing Employment

So, you want to work in a fly shop. Do you really know what you are getting into? If you think working at a fly shop entails sitting around and drinking coffee while you surf Moldy Chum and read the latest issue of the Drake, then don’t apply with us. Working at Headhunters is fast paced, and sometimes high stress. The Missouri River is one of the most popular fisheries in the world, and Headhunters is known as the information center on the river. We expect our employees to provide customers with the highest level of customer service, and most accurate information. Our team environment is both demanding and fun to work in, but it’s not “easy”.


We are generally looking for knowledgeable, energetic and enthusiastic anglers to join our team. Youth rules around our shop. We like folks with energy. A passion for fly-fishing imandatory, both to work at Headhunters and to live in Craig. There’s not much else to do. If hitting Starbucks in the morning and the symphony after dinner is important to you, you probably won’t like living in Craig. If choking down a burger and a brew after a 1o hour day, then fishing the evening caddis until after dark is more your style, you’ll love it.


If you are interested in working at Headhunters, you must send us a resume’ to begin the process. Fill it out just like they teach you in high school… references, work and eduction history, etc. Make sure and include any information you think we should know about you and who you are.  A grip ‘n grin shot of you with a nice fish wouldn’t hurt either. Those that live close enough to come for an initial interview are encouraged to do so. Position finalists may be asked to come to Craig for an interview. Questions can be sent to john@headhuntersflyshop.com or mark@headhuntersflyshop.com.


Fly Shop Sales/Creative/Marketing Assistant

Starts: Immediately

Hours: Full Time, 11-12 months

Salary: hourly, DOE

Benefits: Available after 1 year probation period

Closing: open until right candidate is found.

We are seeking one (1) employee to join the Headhunters sales management/marketing team. The position entails in-store customer service and sales duties, and includes both retail, guide service and lodging sales. A qualified candidate will possess the skills and knowledge to help customer make decisions regarding in store and phone purchases, guided fly fishing trips, accomodations, rental/demo gear and tackle and fly selections. You will be working as an assistant to existing managers, but will also act as a store manger at times.

In addition to the above duties, we need a “creative” who wants to use their graphic design/marketing skills to help further Headhunters already strong internet presence, as well as produce original in-house designs. The successful applicant will work directly under us to help develop new electronic media and print designs to be used for promotional events, Headhunters branded products, and in store adverts. Larger projects may be done on a contract basis outside of work hours. Compensation would be negotiated beyond the standard pay. This would provide the opportunity for additional income as well.

This could be a great opportunity for a person who wants to work in the fly fishing industry, interact with great customers in a great team environment, loves sales, and wants to develop a creative portfolio. You’ll make great contacts in the fishing industry as well, as representatives of most major fly fishing brands are common visitors at Headhunters.

You’ll also get to fish your brains out on one of the best trout rivers in the world. The 11-12 month schedule allows for travel in the off season if you wish.

Sales Skills:

  • POS experience (Headhunters uses Lightspeed)
  • Knowledge of  Northern Rockies fly patterns and hatches.
  • Knowledge of industry equipment standards and brands.
  • Intermediate to expert casting skills, and the ability to instruct.
  • Retail experience in sporting goods, hospitality, and/or manufacturing side experience (fly fishing).
  • Computer skills (Mac) as well as MS Word, MS Excell, Dropbox, photo editing.
  • Clean driving record.


Marketing Skills:

  • WordPress
  • Adobe Photoshop (or equivalent), Adobe Illustrator
  • FCP or Premier Pro
  • Advanced social network skills – Facebook, Twitter


Super Bonus Skills:

  • WordPress Theme development
  • Mobile App development


Please send resume’s with a cover letter to info@headhuntersflyshop.com and john@headhuntersflyshop.com, subject: Resume-Creative Job.

  Shop Staff 2014

Starts: April 1, 2014

Hours: Full Time (expect some OT)

Salary: $10/hr

Closing: Feb 5, 2014

Every year, Headhunters needs to add a few shop positions. Our shop staff performs the everyday duties at Headhunters. Responsibilities include on the floor sales, shuttles, rental boat drops and retrieval, and general cleaning duties. Most importantly, our staff provides great customer service to our guests. Our employees fish a lot, and they transfer that fishing and fly knowledge to the shop floor. Helping customers select the right flies is the most important aspect of this position, so you must be a fisherman and familiar with popular fly patterns for the region.

Headhunters is open 12 to 17 hours a day, so you should expect early and/or late shifts, that may include picking up rental boats late in the evening. Split shifts are sometimes necessary. Overtime should be expected. Hard working employees have excelled at Headhunters, and find it a great place to work.


  • Clean driving record, ability to drive and back up with a boat trailer.
  • Ability to drive a manual transmission vehicle.
  • Hard working, self motivated.
  • Outgoing with great customer service skills.
  • Fly pattern knowledge.
  • Strong knowledge of knots and rigging.
  • Ability to follow instructions.
  • Point-of-sale system experience preferred.
  • Mac, Word and Excell knowledge preferred.


Resume’ and cover letter should be sent to info@headhuntersflyshop, subject: resume’


  Shuttle Drivers 2014

Starts: April 1, 2014

Hours: Full Time/Part Time

Salary: $10/hr

Closing: Feb 5, 2014

Our shuttle service is an important part of our operation. We provide shuttle all year, and from April through October routinely do 20-50 shuttles a day. Shuttle drivers work very hard, and should expect hours to be 2-6 hours a day. Sounds like fin just driving up and down the river, huh? Not always. The work is hard, mistakes are not tolerated and the days can be hot and long during June, July and August. The schedule is pretty flexible, and it’s a great way for those looking to stay busy and earn a few bucks during the summer.


  • Clean Driving Record.
  • Ability to back up a truck and trailer.
  • Ability to drive a manual transmision vehicle.
  • Positive attitude.


  Housekeepers 2014

Starts: April 1, 2014

Hours: Full Time/Part Time

Salary: $10/hr

Closing: open

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