Headhunters Fly Shop Missouri River Montana Fishing Report April 21st

Headhunters Fly Shop Missouri River Montana Fishing Report April 21st

Headhunters Fly Shop Missouri River Montana Fishing Report April 21st

Most of the snow on the banks has dissipated and the boat ramps are clear. The fishing is damn good and the weather is cooperating. There will be some traffic not he river this coming weekend with the traffic spread out amongst the 35 miles of fishable waters.

  • Shop open 8 am. New killer flies in the stocked fly bins. New T’s and hats too. Outerwear from SIMMS, Skwala, Steelie Zips, NRS, Howler Bros, Orvis and more. Handwarmers, gloves, Buff’s, toque’s will make your river experience better!
  • Flows 2900cfs
  • Water temps 41F and wandering.
  • Traffic spread out in all reaches Cascade included.
  • Get your dry fly rod prepped and ready.
  • Bring a Thermos of hot liquids. It is variable conditions out there with wind and sleet and snow and rain common throughout each and every day!
  • Learn something new this week out there. Change your routine, if even for a couple hours. You may have a fly fishing revelation!
  • Nymphers like the deeper slow ass tail-outs. Pink is still in, Sows, and of the course the BWO nymphs are in play. Split shot yes. Or not.
  • Trout Spey Clan has gone over to the Scandi side of life. Come by for any lines, gear, accessories, and rods that you may need.
  • Got DEMO RODS and CLOSEOUT RODS on SALE NOW in shop.
  • Also Check out the FLY SALE PAGE HERE! $1 FLIES. ONLINE ONLY.
  • Soft Goods Sale Rack in good form too, in shop.
  • Check out the SAGE R8 at HH of Craig. Cast it, fish it, take it home with you!
  • Dry Fly Gang likes the afternoons. Slate grey skies have made the trout happy too. Midges out there as well. Yesterday on SOL’s afternoon drive home he witness lots of rising trout eating both midge and beats dries. Slappy happy and catchable. Who knows how long this BWO event will last. We hope for a month.
  • Streamer Anglers liking flashy and small. Intermediate tips. Fish the shore if you wish, with all your shore centric buddies. It’s fun if you all fish to the same fish. Why not. I bet you all expect to get a seat at a restaurant on Friday nite at 7pm. I bet you like to fly/travel on the Saturday before Christmas. I’m sure you also want your snow tires put on after the 1st snow. I would also guess you want to get a guided trip on June 21st this year, or any year. Call today, I bet we don’t-not in a million f**king years man have something for you. Good, no the best, guides too, along w/ premier lodging. The smart, progressive anglers use the entire river. Think about how to be a predator. Unless you like to follow 23 boats down the bank, then have at ‘er man. Think about your program and adjust. Which camp do you reside in?
  • May, may be, the favorite month of most of our staff. Just sayin’.
  • Book your September and October dates now. Filling rapidly. Want a specific guide, or lodging option? Today is the day. If you wait, start thinking about ’23.
  • Practice casting today. 5-10 minutes will make you better. Buy a practice rod and keep it beside your desk. Make a few casts when talking to your boss. Or if you are the boss, make a few cuts while speaking with your staff. We are not asking you to do 42 push-ups. Nope. Not hard. But the outcomes are positive. And rewarding. Yep.
  • Drink water in the boat. A reminder today that I mention to my guests on a daily basis. Most guided clients do not finish a 16 ounce bottle of water per day. Most do not catch any fish after lunch. Why? Let’s think about for 1 minute how the body works. Water is a performance enhancer. Honest. The reason most commonly given for not drinking more than 4 oz of water per day? Ready? Because I would have to pee. Brilliant! So much logic there. So smart. Man, I hadn’t thought of that. I was only thinking of performance and comfort. Huh. Guides are not that smart I guess. Most anglers that do not drink water do not catch many fish after lunch. Usually very few, if not zero. The body just does not work well without water in the system. Windy, severely dry conditions here in Central Montana with the humidity levels commonly at 25%. Fly fishing is an activity that you generally do not do at your desk. You generally do not split a bottle of bourbon with your friends at home nightly. You diet is not then same at home. All lead to the reason for drinking water. But, if you like underperforming, then stay dry my not so fishy friends. 

  • Shuttles daily.
  • Shop open 8-6 daily.
  • 39 lodging options for you stay here in the greater Craig arena.
  • Izaak’s Restaurant looking for add’l staff members. Front and back of the house. 406-235-3456 ask for John.
  • Headhunters looking for add’l all-stars. Start today, or in a month. $15/HR TO START. Many staffers stay for years. Some move into guiding. Some move onto even bigger fly fishing jobs. Call Sara or Derek at 406-235-3447
  • A great weekend on tap here in Craig fishing the legendary waters of Montana’s Missouri River.
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