Headhunters Friday Fishing Report for Montana's Missouri River

Headhunters Friday Fishing Report for Montana’s Missouri River

Headhunters Friday Fishing Report for Montana’s Missouri River

Broken record fishing reports this time of year. Kinda like the spring fishing reports except we are not gonna tell you to fish pink flies under a bobber in slack ass water.

This report is more of the same in the fly realm. With some minor additions. The water levels are changing, the temps are moving a bit, and the future is so bright that you gotta wear shades from Headhunters of Craig.

Nymphing Report

Fish pretty much anywhere you desire. If you are a deep nympher tie on a caddis pupa, like a Purple or Gold Weight Fly, a Tunghead PT of some sort, or a Girdle. Coupled with a smaller Trico nymph like a S & M Black, the Little Green Mo (which is black of course), Purple ¬†Lightening Bug, Tungsten Psycho May, Micro May, Ninch’s Ball Gag, BH Soft Hackle, Tung Duck Collar, Two Bit Hooker, Peep Show and the like!

Deep and shallow or in the middle. Use weight appropriately.

All the way from he dam to the lower canyon the nymphing bite is very good. Strong. It can go south in the afternoons, as the dry fly bite as well. High and bright sun. Fish don’t always like the increased water temps, the angling pressure, and the heat man. Head in, take a Siesta!

Streamer Report

Smaller leeches and bugger patterns are out there and getting bit. Olive and black are the two latest hot colors. But be on the lookout for white and yellow to make a run as the summer colors are loved by all. And yes, sometimes the trout.

Dry Fly Report

Damn. Good. Man. Make the first cast count. Make good presentations. Don’t screw it up early in the casting session.

Caddis. PMD’s. Spruce Moths. Trico’s. Ants. Hoppers.

Use the flies listed above.


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And fishing report.

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