Purple Lightening Bug Tying Video

HH Shop Open, fishing report, and Purple Lightning Bug Tying Video

Purple Lightening Bug Tying Video

Tie this Purple Lightening Bug up today, fish it tomorrow!

BWO’s on the water. Midges on the water. Sometimes fish looking up.

Probably not with this high and bright spring weather pattern we are locked into. Yes, moments of overcast and haze, but warm and windy will be the theme again today and tomorrow. Warm today, quite warm tomorrow with the air temps nearing the 80 mark hump day. Not much need for the fish to look upwards as the subsurface life is thriving!

That is why you may want to focus on the nymph today. Purple BWO nymph? Why not.

Sows, scuds, purple, BWO nymph patterns, subsurface midge specialties, pink, and worms. That should be enough to get you through the nymph day.

Dries? BWO crips, emergers, midge clusters and singles, Adams. Or toss that Skwala near the bank and see what happens.

The Dearborn is coming up as the spring moves forward. Green is the color of the river below the confluence. Little Prickly Pear is dumping in some mud too at the confluence across from the Wolf Creek Boat Ramp.

Purple Lightening Bug Tying Video

We should see more movement in this graph throughout the week ahead. None of the upper level snow has come off yet. No worries my fishy friends. We are gonna have a perfect water summer.

That is our guess, our wish, and maybe it will happen.

Those tossing streamers have had good, bad, and ugly days. How about you?

Small businesses like ours were able to open yesterday. The fishing community is interested in following all of the rules laid out by our Governor. And we here at HH are following suit. Safety is our primary objective. Social distancing? You bet.

Not as many folks in Craig on the first day of the new year. the weekend will be busy. If you want some solace, come during the weekday periods.

Open daily 8-6. Enjoy your Tuesday!

Purple Lightening Bug Tying Video
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    April 28, 2020 10:42 am

    Great news your open. We are scheduled there end of June (24th). Please let us know when 14 day quarantine is over for out of state clients. Looking forward to being there.


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