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Holiday Weekend Fishing Forecast

What will the fishing bring today? Hard to say, but we think it should be pretty good. It’s going to be a little busy this weekend, with the 4 day holiday, and shitty to crappy skiing conditions many places. Or at least now Pow to stick your face in. We did 17 shuttles on Friday, so don’t be surprised if there’s more than a few people around. Dispersing will be key.

We only saw a few of todays anglers after fishing. Most were on the upper section. Most were nymphing. Most that were nymphing reported very tough fishing. They all enjoyed the great weather.

Streamer anglers, on the other hand, all had good reports. Even up high. But, today was sunny, and tomorrow is supposed to be cloudy. In general, we’ve been finding better nymph fishing when it’s cloudy, and better streamer fishing when it’s sunny. Yes, I know that goes against all Montana streamer logic, but we fish a lot during the winter with streamers. Enough that we could prove this theory mathematically. But we won’t. Well, Braden might try…

So, while nymph fishing was tough yesterday for some, I would guess that today could be much better. Clouds are in the forecast, and that gets the midges going which gets the fishing looking. Some wise anglers are excited for Sunday, when we are supposed to get some even nastier weather. Even better for the bobber chasers.

In terms of where, we would recommend doing a little exploring. the entire river is fishing right now, and I think you could argue that the middle and lower sections are fishing as good as they can possibly be in mid-Feburary. Cascade is always a gamble, and even mores in winter. But the Canyon is a solid option, and a great place to spend the day throwing streamers and a little larger nymph patterns than at the dam.


Holiday Weekend FYI: We assume most of you know this, but if not…

ICE – at Exxon in Wolf Creek or Joe’s Bar in Craig. Ice guys won’t deliver from GF in the winter.

FOOD – Frenchman & Me in Wolf Creek or Sportsman/Angus/Driftwood in Cascade. Ever had a Driftwood Burger? mmmm. Also, Tombstones at Joe’s in Craig are good, but the ambiance is great. So are the drinks. Not sure on the pickled egg supply?

SHUTTLES – Headhunters

LODGING – we’re booked up, but it’s not too cold to camp, or head to Cascade. Maybe Wolf Creek? Some are staying in Great Falls. You could catch a movie after fishing, then head to the Sip ‘n Dip! Mermaids. Yummy.


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