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Peter speaks about Public Land and Wide Open Spaces

Peter today with this post about Public Land Issues and how he feels about them. Thanks Peter for you post and opinion.

I believe that the wide-open spaces that inspired our ancestors to test themselves against this beautiful but unforgiving landscape are part of what makes our country so unique. Public access to land is a right to all! I am a proud Montanan and I believe in the importance of public land.

The love I have for this state is only equalled by my family and friends. Without public lands, “Mother Montana” and I wouldn’t even know one another…and that love would not exist.

In my opinion the access and availability to public lands is what makes Montana so special! Without that, we compromise our state, landscapes and ultimately ourselves. I am Perter Skidmore and I believe in public lands, my feelings, and my opinions.

Come down to the Montana Capitol and let our fellow legislatures know that our public lands are not for sale.

The Rally be at high noon, on February 16th in the Montana Capitol Rotunda on the second floor.

     Peter Skidmore

Peter Skidmore enjoying the use of public lands.
Peter Skidmore enjoying the use of public lands.

Rally with Montana Sportsmen for your Public Lands


MTRALLYPOSTERWhat: Rally for Public Lands

When: February 16th, High Noon

Where: Montana State Capitol. Second Floor Rotunda

Who: Montana Wildlife Federation, Montana Wilderness Association, Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, Montana Chapter of the Nature Conservancy

Why: The Transfer of Public Lands is a hot button issue this legislative session. Powerful out of state interests are wooing our legislators to pursue a dangerous and economically disastrous path that would lead to excessive litigation and ultimately, if successful – less access and more taxes for Montanans. That’s why we’re jumping back on the bus and heading to Helena to fight back and make sure that the Legislature understands loud and clear that our public lands are not a toy for politicians to play with.

The Rally be at high noon, on February 16th, 2015 in the Capitol Rotunda on the second floor.

Guest speakers are:

Steve Bullock, Governor Montana

David Allen, President and CEO of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

RSVP to attend the event here

Buses are available for citizens who wish to take advantage of them. Please RSVP for transportation by calling the Bus Coordinator associated with the town from which you will depart

Pickup Time: 9:30AM
Pickup Location: Scheels Parking Lot, Holiday Village Mall, 1200 10th Avenue South
Contact: Casey Perkins (406) 466-2600


Pickup Time: 10:00AM
Pickup Location: Butte Plaza Mall, 3100 Harrison Ave


Pickup Time: 9:30 AM
Pickup Location: CVS Parking Lot, 1914 Brook Street Shopping Center

Contact: Zack Porter 406) 823-0695


Pickup Time: 7:00AM
Pickup Location: Cabelas Parking Lot, 4550 King Ave
Contact: Cameron Sapp (406) 702-1138


Pickup Time: 9:00AM
Pickup Location: Albertsons parking lot, 2120 Park Street South
Contact: Jared White (406) 579-8943


Pickup time: 9:30AM
Pickup Location: Kmart Parking lot, 1126 N. 7th Ave
Contact: John Todd (406) 404-1000

Here is the link to the Public Lands Backcountry Hunters & Anglers site.

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