How to (fish) January on the Mo!

How to (fish) January on the Mo!

How to (fish) January on the Mo!

It can be cold out there. It can be windy. It can be lonely. It can be fishy. Or not. It can be just great to wander around the river. Whatever your motivations are we are gonna give you How to (fish) January on the Mo!

Water Types

It may not fish well where you are. If you head to that killer run you caught a few big ones from in the summer, spring, or fall…you are in the wrong water.

Find the bucket. Look for water with deep holes, deep edges, just deeper than knee deep. Like waist deep or better. That is where the fish are. Not in cool summer flats. Deep, and cold.

If the water is moving too fast, or at all, don’t fish there. Find water that is deep, and sort of moving. Off the end of a shelf, a deeper edge, that sort of water.

If you are not catching them in an hour, or less…you should move to different water.

If you caught them there last week, but are not having success now, move.

Deep, and slow. That is the theme from here on out.

Water temps below 35F. That is cold. Fish the winter water until water temps over out of the 30’s. And that will be in March, or April.

Nymphing is the word

If you like to catch them you should nymph. In deep and slow water. See above.

Pink is the flavor of fly you need. Sows and scuds and worms and such. Stop in the shop or call for the up to the minute report.

The short list is Ninch’s Bubble Yum, Rainbow Czech Nymph, Barbie Nymph, Ninch’s Thunder Bug, Amex Scud, Tailwater Sow, Tungsten Jig Firebead Soft Spot, Ninch’s Pill Popper, FB Ray Charles, :Caviar Scud, Rainbow FB Weight Fly, Ninch’s Ball Gag Midge, Rainbow Warrior, Arnold’s Sili Scud and so on.

The Swing is on

Trout Spey anglers are getting it done too. The water types that the fish are holding in are fewer than a week ago, and beyond. They are really in the “A” spot(s).

Skagit is King. Put the Scandi away til spring pokes her head out of the winter fog.

Tips? yes, deep ones.

Again stop in and see our fishy swing staff before you head out. Always free coffee and info at House of Headhunters in downtown Craig Montana.

Dry Fly Anglers?

Maybe some action. Look for roaming trout in soft eddies. Toss a cluster midge or Adams out there. Wait. Bait and wait. Tie a tiny midge emerger from your top fly. Preferably short.

Not too much happening out there. But it does happen and if you know where to look you will be rewarded more often. But, don’t hold your breath.

On great midge years we see strong top water action in mid February. Will it happen in 2020? Ohh, let’s hope so.

You’ll have to wait for the slush to move through first…

Headhunters Fly Shop Winter Action

Open everyday 8-5. Your only full time fly shop on the Mo. Daily shuttles. Free coffee. Knowledgable staff on site. Booking agents ready to help with your 2022 Mo River Fishing Plans. The Best Flies under the Big Sky procured Scumliner

Guide Trips available. Trout Spey trips, nymphing trips, casting lessons. Call and schedule today! But we will wait until

Happy New Year. Back to work for many. Back to school for many. The Headhunters here in Craig? Oh, we are focussed on fishing the Missouri River. And shoveling snow…

We got yer back man.

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