Hump Day in Montana

Hump Day in Montana

Hump Day in Montana

Whether you like or dislike the events of yesterday…the trout do not care.

The river does not care either. So we move on as we commonly do in the insulated river world that we live in here in Craig Montana.

Moving through the week and we are tired of the bright sunny weather. Bring on the fall weather. We are pleading for it. Dancing to appease the cloudy sky gods daily! Sun maybe coming up some time next week. Yes. We will have to live with the bright skies for a while.

Maybe December will bring better fishing weather.

Nymphing is the game that most are playing. Deeper rigs int he sun will get the net wet. Sows are the word. The water temps are holding in the lower 50’s and will remain that way for the next week, at least. So no change on the ¬†horizon. Status quo.

Blind dry fly anglers are introducing Adams, Chubby’s, October Caddis, Purple Haze, and maybe even some grasshopper patterns.

Some are dropping some sort of mayfly or sow bug from the top blond fly.

A few fish rising out there during the afternoon period. Skittering caddis are all the rage on the Missouri River. Yes. Smaller cinnamon caddis are out and about in the 2nd week of November. Air temps in the mid 60’s yesterday. Freaky, man.

Come by and pick up a fresh tube of SumBum Sunscreen. You’ll need it here this month. A new load of hats and T’s on the shelf too. Of course we have a ton of cold weather gear on tap. We will still have stock when it does become frigid.

The Swing Season is here. The weeds are not an issue so come on out and swing up a few trout. TroutSpey rods from 2wt’s all the way through 7wt’s available here at Headhunters. Seeing more and more anglers swinging fish outta great Missouri River runs.

Black was the key a couple days ago. Then olive. Yesterday yellow. What will today bring? How about white.

Lots of streamer fishing happening out there right now. The historical streamer bite has been a bit elusive. IT comes and goes. The late afternoons have been the best bite all the way around. Soft hacklers, DFO’s, swingers, strippers, nimpers…all enjoying the knocked down wind quotient along with the lower angle of sun. Stay out later for the greatest opportunities.

Headhunters Fly Shop rolling along this fall. Guide trips on the water daily for another week. Then it falls off. Not too many boats out there crowding you. If you like solace, this is your time.

We will be running winter rates in the future. Keep it tuned here for the updated lodging and guiding price schedule. Want a Swing Trip. Learn to TroutSpey with one of our guides. A fun way to kick off the winter season. Call today and learn about how we can jump start your 2 handed fly fishing addiction.

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