Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 11.5.14

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 11.5.14

Two Words.

Quiet. If you say it slow enough and pause on each syllable it blends into two words.

The Missouri River update is as follows…

Water temps in the lower 50’s. Air temps daily in the upper 40’s and lower 50’s. Pretty normal for this time of year although it is commonly cooler. Overcast is the predominant sky color. Grey is good with us.

The landscape will soon turn grey too. Or grayish-tan. Or dark grey-brownish.



Upper River. Quiet. A boat maybe at the dam and at WC Bridge. Nice. A few wade fisher fellers in this reach as well. Nobody bothering you in this section. Not may if any bugs. If the quantity changes we will let you know. Don’t think you are gonna go up there and witness a mega hatch. Cause you’re not gonna.

Streamer fishing average. Quiet though and you can fish it at the bank for another month. Fun stuff. Traditional flies been working well like Zonkers, buggers, Skiddish, Clousers.

Nymph fishing good. Fish it short all day long if you wish. Or long. Your choice. Pretty fun stuff. Scuds, sows up top with a mayfly dangling off of the front fly. Split if you want it.

Mid-River. Quiet. Really cool blind dry water and you can do well with this technique. Adams, see’um type of flies with a dropper if you wish. Try one in the film for even more creative anglers. Skitter ti? Yes, for another week or two. Then they will not look at that moving sideways stuff.

Streamer fishing pretty good. Lots of smaller fish on the bite in the canyon. Fun stuff. The juveniles are on the serious chew. Later afternoons are better. The fish do not like to get aggressive until lunch time. Before then you might believe you have forgotten how to fish. No worries. The afternoons have been better. Sleep in. Honest.

Nymph fishing? Great. Double Pheasant Tail type flies. A big one and a little one.

Lower River. Your best bet for BWO’s. The only place where they have come off well. Daily? I don’t know. But maybe? Seek out bug loving trout and you will be rewarded.

Good streamer water too. Blind dries. Yes they will come to it.

Headhunters Fly Shop open daily at 8am. Guide trips out this week and next. A nice time to be here. It’s quiet.





Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 11.5.14, November Fly Fishing
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