iMOW Tips In Stock

During swing-season, MOW tips are one of our biggest selling items. You always find you want (need?) another size for a specific spot or conditions. Unfortunately, RIO has been out of these for some time. It’s always good to run out of MOW tips during the fall.

Our MOW inventory has changed to the new iMOW tip, the “i” signifying that these are now built with intermediate instead of floating line. The floating and full sinking lines are unchanged, other than a color change to the full-sinkers to signify if they are light, medium or heavy. The entire tip is now colored instead of the loop.

iMOW tips are must haves for swinging on the Missouri River and all other trout streams during the winter months. They also come in handy for use on single handed rods when you need some extra “soak” out of the drift boat. We have a few customer also using the OPST Commando heads with iMOW tips on their single handers. Smart.

We’ve just updated the webstore with all of the tips HERE. Everything is in stock now, except the light 5X5, which will hopefully be here soon.

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