It's time to work on your casting technique

It’s time to work on your casting technique

It really is time. You have the rest of the winter to get it done. It only takes a few minutes a week. And, you will reap the rewards for the entire season.

A building block for even greater accuracy, distance, and fun on the water. So what is holding you back? You can certainly spare 10 minutes a week. Get yourself motivated for better fishing this year.

But you must ask yourself these questions first.

  • Do you want to become a better caster?
  • Conversely do you want to catch more fish?
  • Do you want it bad enough?
  • Do you want your buddies to envy your dry fly cast?
  • Do you want to cast with ease in windy conditions?

Or are you comfortable with where you are currently at? If you are you need not read this blog. Skip the re-runs of Christmas television and spend a couple minutes with your rod in hand.  Or if you are at work…stash your fly rod in your trunk and practice a bit at lunch. Good idea huh.

Speaking of the windy conditions question above. Most anglers have trouble even with the slightest breeze. Newsflash: It is commonly breezy in many fishing situations. So what can you do about it? Practice. Practice in the wind.

The wind, light winds under 15mph, should not affect your cast. But for most even the lightest wind, light winds under 5mph, really compromise 99% of anglers. Don’t let that happen to you. Learning a few basic techniques can let you rise above the conditions.

A double haul gives you the tools to rise above the wind. Most folks believe the double haul is for distance, and true it can help for casting farther. But the increased line speed that the double haul creates is even a better answer to windy conditions.

Some tips for becoming that better caster include getting yourself into a casting lesson with someone in your area. They are easy to find. Go to your local fly shop and ask them who they would recommend.

I just thought of the casting at lunch program. It really does make sense. Get outside and cast. It’ll be good for you body, your mind, and all those fish you have not met…beware!

Make a plan for your casting improvement this coming year. It can be your New Years Resolution. 10 minutes a week is all it takes to move to the next level of caster. To the next level off angler. And then, happy fishing. It’s really that easy…


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