Tying the Pink Lightening Bug

Tying the Pink Lightning Bug

Tying the Pink Lightning Bug

Today on the Headhunters Fly Shop Blog we tie the Pink Lightning Bug. In conjunction with our popular Just Add Vise brand this video is purely simple. No talking, no postulating about materials, and no lengthly 13 minute tying videos here.

Short and sweet. Just the way you like it. Play it over and over if you wish without listening to the same lame tying jokes…what is a tying joke anyway?

This Pink Lightning Bug is one of the most effective Missouri River winter flies. Great anywhere, and any river USA. Pink is the color of winter. And all this time you thought it was the color of snow.

When snow is on the ground, think pink.

The Pink Lightning Bug is just one of the Just Add Vise kit members. Anglers and tiers also like the Rainbow Czech, Little Green Machine,  Firebead Ray Charles, and Kreelex for winter work. And do not forget about the Mozuri Minnow! All available at our online web store.

We think that Dangerous Dan Gard  brought this fly to the Missouri River. It really is a killer for 8 months of the year. November 1st through the historically high water month of May. Some even fish it into June. Others even longer. A fantastic fly for the subsurface set.

If you can tie this one you can tie the other Missouri River favorites like any of the Pheasant Tail derivations and the summertime trout finder the Purple Lightning Bug. Why not have them all in your repertoire.

The Pink Lightning Bug is not the only winter time fly of choice. Come in and see our vast selection of winter flavored flies for any winter fishery. Ninch, Braden, Sara, and Dewey can point you in the right direction. Pick up a couple Just Add Vise kits as well.

Fly Tying Night in America starts in January. Stay tuned for the Wednesday night tying sessions hosted by Headhunters Fly Shop.

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