Labor Day Scenic Craig Bridge View

Labor Day Scenic Craig Bridge View

Labor Day Scenic Craig Bridge View

Smoke on the horizon coming in fast Sunday afternoon.

Monday, Labor Day, and the weekend is nearly over but, the Half Price Fly Sale is still on! Today is the last day.

September is upon us and we wish for the fires to go out, the river to continue cooling as well as those big brown trout to eat your hopper.

Enjoy the last day of this long weekend. Mowing the lawn, planning your fall fishing trip, or my personal favorite…napping.

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  • Hey Mark Happy Labor Day! Hey a couple of weeks ago you mentioned the “Hemingway flat” in a blog…I am decently familiar with the water from the dam on down to Prewitt, but I do not know the names of these individual stretches, pools, etc…So- where is the Hemingway flat? It would be nice to know the names of some of the other sections as well- perhaps an idea for a future blog? Many thanks, love keeping up with you guys when I have to be back here in Ohio…dan

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