Sara says SALE!

Sara says SALE!

Day 2 upon us. Same fly pricing Sunday and Monday. Half Off flies!

Call us up if you want our experts to load you up a few fly pucks full of your favorites. We will pop them in the mail after the holiday.

BBQ again Sunday as Mark fires up the Traeger yet again. Burgers and dogs along with a incessant running commentary…of nothing consequential or important at all.

See us for the best in cheap flies, summer gear sale, demo rods, discontinued reels, HH logo wear, half off all fly fishing logo’d hats, 50% off all fly boxes, select women’s wear, fly lines, leaders, tippet, totally random unsellable fly fishing gee-gaws and so much more!

Sara will greet you at the door! See you in downtown Craiglandia.

Sara says SALE!
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