Late July Missouri River Fishing Report

Late July Missouri River Fishing Report

Late July Missouri River Fishing Report

As good as you are. That is the way it will be for a while.

Warm weather for the remainder of the week with the weekend heating up even more. We will see 90F once again. Soon.

Along with that the splash and giggle crowd will be out in force. Saturday’s are always the busiest day of the week.

Trico show in the morning with the hopper flow in the afternoon.

Most folks spread out from the top to the bottom. Still some anglers on the lower reach. About as many at the dam. The canyon is fishing well too. Some weeds below Craig.

Some PMD’s around during  the day. You will see a few spinners on the water with fish keying on them.

Trico spinners will fill the morning with targets. Some skittering caddis can fool those sometimes finicky trout.

Techy small Trico nymph patterns like Zebra’s and Radiation Nymphs along with the any one of the tiny micro mayflies available at Headhunters Fly Shop.

Hoppers in hopper type water. Look for moving 18″-36″ and let it ride. Seams and such during the afternoons.

Late July Missouri River Fishing Report

Water temps up and down but not concerning us at this time. Water Flows are historically average at 4140 cfs. IT will remain in that range for the remainder of the summer.

All is well in Craig Montana. Slower on the river as far as traffic is concerned. Feels good to have tipped over the edge into this late July August program. Get out early and fish til it goes south. High and bright sun along with stale non windy afternoons are for naps in your room. Head back out for a cocktail at 6pm and finish for an hour near dark for the caddis circus.

Although it has not been a terrific evening bite this summer. Some like to get after it at dusk.

Headhunters Fly Shop open daily at 6am and late til 9pm. See us for all things trout.





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