Trout Bummin'

Trout Bummin’

Trout Bummin’

Found these cats fresh outta the water at Wolf Creek Bridge after a swim bath in Mother Mo. Trout Bummin’ Montana.

A short chat revealed they had rented a boat from us and had enjoyed sampling some of our Missouri River Trout Fruit.

Turns out these fishy smelling’ fellas had been to the Madison, Ruby, Yellowstone, Lamar, Slough Creek and another 3 or 4 killer trout locales before they made it to Craig Montana.

Tomorrow? The west side of course. Across the divide they will travel to float their flies on the Bitterroot, Balckfoot, Upper Clark and so forth.

Fun times boys. Reminds many of us trapped here in central Montana that we were once trout bumming’ too. That is how many of us arrived here living on the banks of the Missouri River. First a trout wander. Then a decision to head back to those hallowed waters.

It haunts many afflicted youth. Great to see. They too so very soon will shock their parents with the realization that the college experience didn’t take.

I love seeing the modern trout bum meandering through Montana fishing their way through Montana and beyond.

These fellers will be back. At least one of them when at the fork in the road will choose the path down to the river.

Trout Bummin’

The soul points add up quickly on a trout bummin’ road trip like the boys above…

A nice view for a swim. Wolf Creek Bridge Missouri River Montana
Trout Bummin'
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  • Ha, I saw them at the dam and wondered if they were all crammed in that in-bed camper together. That’s hardcore!

    July 27, 2016 9:09 am

    Awww the 70s, I kinda remember that! 20 years later I’m at the Mo!!

  • Garnet Clews
    July 27, 2016 4:23 pm

    I dont like anyone enough to trout bum like that…. Ill take a nice hotel room with a shower every nite…. even when I tent… I take a portable shower with me….
    But cant wait to get back to the Mo this fall…

  • Ugliest shirt I’ve ever seen. GO GREEN!!!

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