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Meditate. Monday. Updates.

Meditate. Monday. Updates.

Water levels on the river primary stable. A bit of upward movement from the deluge this past mid week. Tributaries have been slowly growing and the river proper is somewhat off color in sections.

Little Prickly Pear is tossing a bit of color. Not too much. Currently at press time LPP gauge reading 175 cfs right at historic seasonal averages.

The Dearborn is blowing some mud at 498cfs. She too, at normal seasonal gauge height. The Dearborn at this level is 23.5% of the size of the Mo. Add it to the mix and the DB can taint the color of the river downstream. And it is. We had predicted that it would not get this level. But, alas, we guessed incorrectly. Visibility in the lower is about 2 feet.

Even a bit of color out of Sheep Creek. Generally runs clear.

Lots of boats out there in all reaches. Those with local river tenure and confidence are fishing below the Dearborn confluence.

Bugs all over the river. MB’s and caddis on the lower reaches as well as BWO’s and midge. Fish like overcast skies or evening light.No eyelids. Can’t squint. Bugs don’t care. Water temps are the driver for our aquatic friends. PMD’s will be seen in the next couple weeks. Probably. Historically the first PMD sightings happen around June 4, 5, 6. This year? We think earlier. Projecting here, Based on long term 30+ year data. Although the March Brown and Mo Day Caddis are right on schedule. So, probably just fantastical dream based annual guessing.

Short and long rigs for the nymphers. Still a sow bug game on the upper. Worms included now as the turbidity is such that those larger profile worms get attention. Larger Pheasant Tails and the many and varied European cousins like the Perdition, Quilldigon, Bullets, etcetera. Zebra Midge, Little Green Machine, Two Bit Hooker, Anatp May, Micro May , Radiation Baetis, Chartreuse Little Green Machine, Little Black Mo, Frenchie, any of the BWO fishy nymph fly patterns.

Streamer strippers chucking the false stuff. Bright flies, bright days. Mostly using intermediate tips in the  water levels of the day. Need a new streamer line? If you had to think about it, then probably yes. Headhunters with the line selection on the streamer side that you need. Come in and see if our several options can level up your streamer game. At Headhunters we have a fly line guarantee. If you don’t like the fly line bring it back. Why should you use a fly line that does not suit your needs. Bring it back and we will swap it out for your correct match. No harm, no foul. Buy with confidence at Headhunters Fly Shop in downtown Craig Montana.

Swingers liking the Scandi style. Enjoying the varied flies you can present at this time. Lots of bug critters subsurface to choose from. Wets and soft hackles are super fun to swing. Come in and shop the wide selection of swing flies that grace our bins in Craig. Demo rods too! Try a new line. Just ask!

Dry fly fanatics enjoying the evening session. Be out there nearly alone. The winds knocks down, the light fades, and the fish can respond. Will they? Usually. Cripples, emerges, and some duns. The caddis are out too. Flies that spend the in the film are always good. X Caddis, All Stages Caddis, HF Caddis, Hogan’s Wing Man, Outrigger Caddis. and the like. D & D Cripples, Poly Wing Cripples, Hi Vis BWO Spinner, Splitsville Spinner, Brindle Chute, Parachute Adams, Purple Haze, Hare’s Ear Parachute, March Brown Cripple.

Flows currently 4420 cfs.  Water Temps at 50F.

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