Mid July Missouri River Update 2020

Mid July Missouri River Update 2020

Mid July Missouri River Update 2020

All is well here in downtown Craig Montana. Mid July and we are updating you on the current happenings of all things Missouri River.

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Fishing has been hot. Nymphing is strong. Rock solid. The fish are strong and healthy. Best in a number of years. Very thankful for that. Caddis Pupa, PMD nymphs, Callibaetis nymphs including HoloPoint PMD, Gallups UV Pupa, Goulds Drowned Trico Spinner, Black Green Machine Little Black MO, S & M, Zirdle, Frenchie’s Tung Dart, Gold Weight Fly, Silvey’s Pupa, Hare Ear Jig, Brush Hog, Zebra, Little Green Machine, Tungsten Magic Fly, Bird Dog, Yellow Spot Tungsten Jig, Crew Bug, Pink Tailwater Sow, Done Dun, Sunken PMD Spinner, Beaded Translucent Pupa…

The dry fly addicts are hitting it hard. Daily. Early morning and late at night. Late afternoons are of course difficult. Take the afternoons off and have yourself a break.

PMD’s and Caddis rule the day with Trico action just getting started. It will only continue to increase in breadth as we move through the month into August which promises to be very strong. The PMD has sputtered as of late and we anxiously hope that it will continue to match the duration of the 2019 PMD bonanza.

Caddis are out there. Any have leaned upon the caddis for most of the dry fly eats the past couple weeks. The PMD makes an appearance only when the caddis selection has been exhausted. A sparse PMD spinner can get it done when you meet those damn finicky trout.

  • Fishing at those roaming middle river fish can keep you guessing.
  • Not casting directly at the trout does not catch them any faster.
  • Dragging the fly over the head of the fish on the first cast is not a great way to start the conversation.
  • The tortoise wins the race, every time.
  • If the line is beside the fly during the drift the fish may not eat it.
  • Reach Cast or Reach Mend is 99 of 100 casts. Of some sort of killer slack line presentation.
  • Good drifts near fish catch trout.
  • Drift is primary. Placement is secondary.
  • First cast is the best cast.

August will be good. Looking forward to a good month ahead.

Call anytime for an up to the minute Missouri River fishing report 406-235-3447. Bookings to 406-868-5473. Open daily 630am.

It’s good out there. Enjoy it.


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