Missouri River and Craig Montana Monday May 4th Update

Missouri River and Craig Montana Monday May 4th Update

All good in this neighborhood.

The update of all things Missouri River, Craig, and Montana today on the Headhunters Fly Shop Blog.


Mostly open for business. Headhunters Fly Shop open daily 8-6. The food joints open this week. Do not know about Papa’s. Trout Shop Cafe has been doing some take-out. Izaak’s opens Thursday! Hooray. Will do a post with that update Wednesday or Thursday.

Check out our Mo River Page 

Headhunters Fly Shop

Fly Shop. Open daily 8-6. We are following the Covid-19 protocols for safety. Masks in the shop, protective panels at the check-out, sanitizing, and conducting business per the new normal. Lots of flies coming in daily. 2020 products and the like. All the normal, the new normal, with tons of logo gear on the way.

Guide Trips. Yes out daily. Most of our guides are back and and working. Yes, we are a bit soft this month due to the current conditions. Most likely your favorite guide is available for a trip. Any one of our HH guides would love to get in the boat with you for 8hrs! Guides are following the protocols including sanitizing daily, keeping their vehicle spotless, and establishing touch free practices for lunches, and the like. Call us up today if you are into getting a guide trip this month.

The 14 Day Quarantine is still in order. If you are living in Montana this is a perfect time for you to get guided and learn a bit about the Mo. If you are visiting from another state you must adhere to the 14 Day Quarantine. Then on day 15 we would love to guide you! We here at Headhunters of Craig are conducting business according to the current guidelines.

Shuttle Service. Yes. Doing shuttles daily.

Fishing License. Click here to get it online.

Missouri River Water Conditions. All over the board this last week. May speak a bit to the inconsistency in the fishing out there. Looks like the water temperature gauge is AFU too. The Dearborn River has been dumping in mud and has been fooling up a few folks. Currently 1010 cfs and a cool water temp as well. Little Prickly Pear is on the fall as well. Those who are comfortable fishing in the limited clarity water have some hero stories and a few nice fish to prove it. Don’t be scared. Check out the full table here.

Fishing the Missouri River today. Inconsistent as mentioned above. The better catch rates have been upriver. So has the traffic. The dam is the busiest for sure. The other boat ramp are less populated. Sows, scuds, midge pupa, worms, and BWO nymphs. March Brown stuff downriver. Better BWO’s too. The streamer bite not too good either in the high and bright sun. Call or come by anytime.

Craig Trout Camp

Lodging. Craig Trout Camp open. The popular cabins here in downtown Craig are open. Craig trout Camp has 7 cabins for your stay. Check them out on the CTC site or our main lodging site CraigLodging.com

Can’t think of any other news right now. Plodding along everyday. It does certainly keep us on toes. Craig feels a bit strange. Beyond the normal mind of strange. But I assume that is everywhere, all four corners of the earth. Strange times man.

You folks out there in Headhunters Land be well. We look forward to seeing you back in Craig Montana.

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  • David Frank Pac
    May 4, 2020 8:20 pm

    Enjoying your blog everyday! Thanks for keeping up our spirits when we are not on the river. I hope to fish with your Dad again in the near future.

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