Missouri RIver Birds

Missouri River Birds | Western Grebe

The Western Grebe visits us here on Montana’s Missouri River every fall.

This yer it seem like there is more. Some young around for a few weeks but they have gone elsewhere. I think.

They could be lurking in some odd back channel right now. Maybe.

October brings us the Western Grebe. A great Missouri River Bird!

Most of the time the Missouri river is about the fishing. Some of the time it is about everything else.

Missouri River Birds

A large, elegant, black-and-white grebe, the Western Grebe breeds in lakes and ponds across the American West and winters primarily off the Pacific Coast. The very similar Clark’s Grebe was long thought to be the same species. Both species have a dramatic, choreographed courtship display, in which the birds rush across the water with their long necks extended.

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  • Thank you Birdie Boy, have my bird lesson for the morning. ¬†Have you seen any Loons?

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