Missouri River & Blackfoot River Fishing Reports

Missouri River & Blackfoot River Fishing Reports 9.6.14

Both rivers fishing well. Why wouldn’t they? We are heading into one of our favorite seasons. Maybe our favorite? Yours?

The weather is fading into a perfect fall pattern with daytime highs in Craig in the 70’s while across the divide the daytime highs are more like 60’s and low 70’s. Nightime lows will and have brought frost to the boat seats and the brush and trees are starting to show the colors of fall.


Missouri River Fishing Report 9.6.14

Nymphing is the star of this month. Most are up at the dam just whacking the trout. Good to great catch rates if you are into rowing around in circles. Many love this deal and it sure is fun. The best time of the year to engage in circus like fishing behaviors and we can facilitate this kind of day if you wish. It really is its. Rowing around with lots and lots of fish on. Jumping, running, laughing, landing. All can be had at the dam in late August and early September. Stop in for hints of dam success.

If you like fewer folks around and less of a circus scene, fish anywhere else. Wolf Creek, Craig, Stickney, and even to the lower reach. It too has been very busy so check out the traffic levels at your local fly shop before heading out in the morning.

Callibaetis, Psuedo’s, and OCtober Caddis can bring some attention to the surface oriented trout. Ants, beetles, and any attractor that you are comfortable with including hoppers can get your blood pressure higher with spectacular takes and super secret sucking takes too.

The streamer fans are getting a few looks fishing up to too. Not as many weeds, although they are quite tame this year, on the upper sections of river. with the sun high in the sky the flashy stuff that we love can be the key. Skiddish Smolts, R2R’s/Coffey’s Sparkle Minnows, Kreelex’s and the like are lighting it up. Time to get a new streamer line on that streamer rod too. Come in for the best streamer line selection on the Missouri River. We have 10+ models to choose from. RIO, Wulff, Airflo, Orvis all in stock and deep. To get you to the fish!

Fall lodging is filling. Look up your perfect property here on our Craiglodging.com website. The preferred properties include Craig Trout Camp with cabins right here in Craig. Check them out too on the loading site. Get your guided trip here with our outstanding full time guide staff. Get a guide for a couple days, wade fish a couple days, and rent an Adipose Driftboat too!

Missouri River & Blackfoot River Fishing Report
A nice place to be in the morning. Nice sky too.

Blackfoot River Fishing Report 9.6.14

A really nice tome to experience the Blackfoot River. Fishing here not eh Mo for more than a couple days? Try out the Blackfoot with one of our guides. They love it too. Fall colors come earlier as the temps not he wet side of the divide cool earlier int he fall. Near freezing air temps many mornings make this a great late morning and afternoon fishery perfectly designed for the angler heading over the hill.

October Caddis are available to the fish as well as hoppers, Hecuba’s the fall drake, some smaller mayflies, and a few other unidentifiable insects are out too. Crips and duns should entice some killer Cutthroat. As always the streamer fishing can be really good if you are willing to put in the effort. Not a terrible idea to bring 3 rods to the Blackfoot. While we love heading over to this ridiculously beautiful river for the change of pace we almost always defer to the dry fly. Why not. The Missouri provides technical fishing and while the Blackfoot can be techy we love tossing the larger dry flies. The Hecuba is one of those flies that will excite you and the trout.

Hoppers, Caddis, attractor dries, streamers, ants,a dn your terrestrial of choice can get you through the next month. September is quite possibly the best shot on this famed freestone.

We love the fall and it is coming here in September this year. The shop open daily @ 7am and til about 8pm. See you this fall in Craig.



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