Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 10.27.14

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 10.27.14

Today we are having the first cold weather in a decade. Or so it seems.

We have had themost pleasant fall that many can remember. Sunny and 70F. Standard for the 2014 season.

Today it changes. We command it to change. While this never works the timing of the storm could be the catalyst to get out true baetis out of its shell. Will it actually work? Golly, we hope so.


We have not truly gotten into the period of the year, most of the winter and spring, where the weather will dictate the day. We still have all of November and some of December to get through. The days of November can be so very pleasant. And, no people around.

Wide open dry fly flats…

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 10.27.14

Dry Fly Fishing

Dry fly fishing continues to be relatively limited throughout the day. If you are into posting up on classic sippers near the bank it has been somewhat limited. But you can go out and seek them out. Go first or go last. Those are the two methods to bank sipping success.

Or just have a better hatch. Really today could be the start. Let’s hope.

Blind dry fly fishing will get you a look or three per mile. Good enough to keep most paying attention. Caddis or a mayfly patterns can work. A skittering big orange caddis has been known to work this past week too. Yep, still.

Many would say that this October has seen the best blind October dry fly fishing in the past several years. Still going…

Streamer Fishing on the Missouri

Good to great depending not he reach, the angler, and the day. Good to great days have been heard and had by all.

The secret? Mostly slow stripping, or the pause. You can strip it fast too, but the fish have been interested in the pause. Or dead drift that SOB. Do it.

Smaller flies like baby sculpins, mini Sculpzillas, small black buggers, micro Zonkers, tiny leeches…or go big if that is your game.

The most popular of the fly lines include both he dry line or the 10′-15′ clear intermediate tips from RIO. We got them all int he shop if you need some help. Those truly savvy streamer dudes have a couple if not three streamer rods rigged. Just like those bass fellers. They have several rods at the ready. Why wouldn’t you?

Nymphing the Mo

Oh, it’s good. Use your normal fall or winter rig. It’ll work.

Missouri River Flows and Temperatures

4420cfs as of Sunday night and the water temps are below 54F. Dipping into the 53 range is good. Still warmer than normal. For sure. It will continue to dip as the week moves through. The flows should remain about the same for some time.

Headhunters Fly Shop & Guide Service

Open daily all winter long. 730am is when we arrive and we sill stay for your convenience til 7pm. The time change is nearing and we will go to an 8am start and 6pm finish as we move into November.

Tons of stuff still on sale. Rods, fly lines, flies, a few summer items, some fall stuff, a jacket or 3, a bundle of fly fishing accessories…something for everyone.


Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 10.27.14, Novmebr fly fihsing, October Caddis, October Fly Fishing, Streamer fishing
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