Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 9.20.14

September and all is well. The river is not empty as we move through the 3rd busiest month of the year.

October is not as popular, but we suggest you may like it. Well only if you like streamer fishing and BWO’s.

As for this weekend on the river, Montana’s Missouri River, we can expect some decent fishing.

Are we setting records on the catch rates? No, not really. If you work hard you can get the job done and enjoy the day thoroughly. Fishing is not always about the catching. Sometimes it is, others not. The days have been so very wonderful as the daytime highs are just right for all day long comfort.


You like? Remember the big party tomorrow on the river, at Headhunters Fly Shop sponsored by Howler Bros Clothing right outta Austin Texas. Howlin’ on the Mo’! begins at 3pm with live music, food, swag, sales, and tons of your favorite fishing folks wandering around Craig and hanging at the shop for a spell.

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Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 9.20.14

The dry fly fishing on any given day can be very good. A good bite on Caddis, some larger mayfly stuff like the Callibaetis and the tiny Anoka’s. Read this killer informational blog by John here about these Pseudo Anoka’s that can just drive us batty!

Blind fishing a big bug of your choosing can work as well. Adams, Caddis, attractors of you favorite flavor, Try it if you lile it. You certainly do not have to do as I suggest. You can nymph too.


Missouri River Montana Fishing Report
Good falling water temps means BWO’s are around the corner!

We love the falling water temps as the BWO’s should come at some point. When? I actually think they should come earlier but they never seem to follow my plan, my dream. When they do come it is game on. Until then we will have to fill our afternoons with the bigger bugs like the October Caddis, I think John mentioned that if you wait too long…and the streamer bite can be quite good in the latter parts of September before the brown trout make their way towards sex, towards mating, towards spawning time.

Mike Jared
Mike with this nice brown trout fishing with HH Guide Jared Edens!

The entire river is fishing well and the weeds are not a problem. No complaints in the last couple weeks. Pretty light year for weeds anyway and we do not even consider them to be an issue. High line speed casts and some good casting can alleviate mush of the concern. Come into the shop and see where the pressure is and float somewhere else if you lie to get and stay away from other anglers. Some pressure here and there from bank anglers but they too are spread out nicely.

Nymphing is as good as the day will provide. Sometimes the bite is not as good as we like it to be so keep changing those flies. Try all the regular stuff like Czech Nymphs, Purple and Gold Weight Flies, Worms, Sows, some Firebead stuff and Crawdads up top with the selection towards the bottom of the rig patterns like Little Green Machines, Zebra’s, Peep Shows, Purple LB’s, Pearl LB’s, PT’s, Don King’s, Newman’s Own Midge, WD 40’s, Red Headed Step Child’s Juju BWO’s, Tungsten Redemption, and your killer home tied stuff.

Keep it fresh for all day success. If the fish eat the fly right out of the gate and then stop…you have to make the change. You have to dictate your catch rate. Those who wait for success, well…you know how this ends. Make your own destiny and fish hard!

Come on out and join us tomorrow at 3pm for food and music and such. Sale items include summer stuff, shirts, hats, SIMMS, Howler Bros, RIO, demo rods, cheap accessories. Also the new fall gear is in and moving too. Wool shirts, gloves, warm hats, hand warmers, coffee Thermos’, rain gear too.

Shop open daily @ 7am and open late til 8pm for all your Missouri River needs. Shuttles, BS, free info, free coffee…


Missouri River Montana Fishing Report, October Caddis, Psuedo's, September Goodness
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