Missouri River Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 9.24.13

Soggy today on Montana’s Missouri River. We like it. Just dress warmly and cast. A lot!

Fishing this week is strong. Consistent is the word of the week. Not much for the dry fly, October is around the corner, but the nymph and streamer fishing is carrying the day.

Not any bunching either. Most floats, all of them really, are wide open as we experience a slower week for visitors this last week of September.

Quiet on the Mo? Yep.

The guests will rebound as we move into October. The fishing? Getting better daily.

Flows are holding at 3000cfs and water temps in the 61F+ range. We will see a drop of 1/4 to 1/2 degree drop as we move through this cooler week. The water levels, albeit low, are quite good for fly flicking in Montana.

Missouri River Fishing Report

Nymph Fly of the Week: SJW

Techy Nymph of the Week: Micro-May

Dry Fly of the Month: Callibaetis Spinner

Streamer of the Week: Coffey’s Sparkle Minnow

Kick-Ass Nymph Leader: Rio 7.5′ 3X

Dry Fly Leader: Rio 12′ 4X

Streamer Leader: Any of the above chopped down to 5′

Product of the Year: Rio’s Fly Line Cleaning Towelette

Sale: Some residual deals at the best fly shop in Craig.

Weather: Soggy, cooler, and perfect foreshadowing for the month ahead

Headhunters Fly Shop: Open later than anyone on the block, for your apres fishing pleasure

Float of the Week: The Canyon or anywhere but the dam

Drink of the Week: Folger’s perked at Headhunters spiked with some weak ass Bourbon. You gotta bring the Bourbon

The Mood in Craig: Chill, man. Enjoying the overcast skies

Fall Fly Fishing: Strong. Most, including us, believe the Missouri River will experience a fabulous fall. THe Baetis promise to be good, and the streamer contingent is pumped up!

Lodging: Availability is not getting any better. Call today for your lodging on the river.

Your Fly Fishing Goals: Include spending some time on the Mo this fall. We promise it will be rewarding…metaphysically man

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