Rio Fly Line Cleaning Towelette

Rio Fly Line Cleaning Towelette

Squeeky’s #1 Favorite Fly Fishing Item. Bar None.

Rio’s Fly Line Cleaning Towelette.


Use this towelette many times per day for fly line health.

I find myself using it about 3 times per day. Strictly personal use.

It is the tool, the vehicle, the fly line…that delivers the fly to the target. Why wouldn’t you take care of it?

A paltry $0.95.

Yep, a healthy choice for under a buck. Pick up a pocketful of these fella’s for peace of mind.

You know what that equals?

More fish to the net. That is what that equals!

Rio Fly Line Cleaning Towelette is your key to success.

Try it. Do it. Enjoy it!



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