Missouri River Fishing Report

Missouri River Fishing Report 9.23.13

Scumliner stated in the Fall is for Streamers that while summer is still in our minds, and has been on the river too, fall is coming.

True, fall is coming, and some of it will be here this week! Windy weather forecast for today and the midweek we see the real deal.

Wednesday a high of 48F and rain. Thursday more of the same. And the nighttime lows are in the lower 30’s.

Knowing the season change, as the solstice was on yesterday the autumnal equinox @ 20:44, we need to make some changes in gear.

Whether you roll in your car, truck, or boat, there are some things to toss into your vessel for comfort and safety.

Hats, gloves, handwarmers, streamer rods, streamer boxes, baetis boxes, whiskey, a Thermos of coffee, your cell phone, glasses with light colored lenses, andn whatever else you require for fall fly fishing fun!

Missouri River Fishing Report

No reports of BWO’s yet, and the water will have to fall into the 50’s before that happens. Psuedo’s are around and will make the fish rise. They are difficult and require patience. The Callibaetis is still present with some other weird mayflies too. Spinners are king, cripple not bad either. A Missouri River Rule.

The streamer gang is doing well and not talking about it. That means only one thing. You can figure out the nuances here, I think.

The weeds are down to a manageable level. The entire river is fishing well and you can find boats on ay and all stretches on any given day.

Fish are still int he faster water areas and may move into the slow stagnant stuff later in October, or November. Look for fishy water and toss the flies in!

Short, medium, and long nymph lengths are effective. Again, find your depth and work it baby. PT’s, Weight flies, Scuds, Firebeads, Worms, Zebra’s, etc.

Weather is the wild card this week. Blowing hard as I write this report and will make a change in clothing before I head out. If you need instant reports about the Missouri River and the Fishing Report, or Weather Report, do not hesitate to call us. We are here to help the Missouri River Angler. Operators standing by daily 7am til 8pm. 406/235-3447.


Our weekend porch sale was a success and I’m sure we will have some other sale items around this fall. But, why not get yourself a new streamer rod? A Sage One? How about a Baetis Bamboo? Ohhh, that would be awesome!

See you chucking junk to the banks…on the Mighty MO!


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