Missouri River Fishing Report

Missouri River Fishing Report 9.21.13

Lots happening this weekend on the Missouri River. The fishing is good, the fellowship is fun, and the Headhunters Sale and BBQ kicks off today!

Why aren’t you here? Oh, you are waiting for the baetis? Yah, we are too. But until then we have strong fishing via the nymph, the streamer,a dn the blond dry fly.

Big fish being reported daily as some of the browns being caught are in full spawning color. Speaking of spawning color…KEEP IN MIND THAT TH E BROWN TROUT ARE BEGINNING TO DEVELOP THEIR REDDS. STAY OFF OF THEM!

Saw a few anglers, and a guide who will remain nameless, fishing, REDD STOMPING, yesterday. It’s cool to catch big Brown Trout. But at the expense of the future of the fishery? At the expense of injuring a big brown who’s offspring you would like to meet. Fishing over redds is like kicking a pregnant women in the stomach. Too harsh? Yah, that shit is real. Do not do it. I have no time for anglers who practice this ritual. None.

Think about what kind of example you want to set for others. Think about mentorship. Think about practicing fair chase and responsible angling. Think about the future. Just think about it.

It is not illegal. Is it un-ethical? Maybe not. Is it bad taste? Yes, certainly. Just Squeeky’s opinion today. But, if you read this blog, you see some of that come through.

Missouri River Fishing Report


Good nymphing reports filter in daily as the catch rates are good. Long, short, dry dropper, are all techniques spoke about on the porch yesterday. Scuds, Sows, October Caddis Pupa, Hare’s Ear’s, Firebeads, Worms, big Pheasant Tails are all lead flies that have been hot. Some with split, some without. Your choice. You can find the fish in several depths and water column zones.

Smaller PT patterns are on fire for the bottom fly. Also midge pupa and sow bugs. Keep ift real and keep it fresh. Again, change is good. If it ain’t working, change it.

Be diligent and change the flies if they are not working. Or add, subtract split shot and adjust your depth. All good ideas. Do not become static. Static fishing behaviors are for those who do not like to use the net.

Dry Fly Purists

Getting the job done via the hopper and ant. Get ’em out in front of the boat and let ’em ride. The farther away the better. Clean that fly line and get your long game going.

Those who like to post up and cast at sipping trout? Next month is your time period. The BWO’s are on the way evidenced by the subsurface barrage of the mayfly profiled flies. Your time is coming purists, just a few more weeks.

Streamer Contingent

Alive and well thank you. Some are out there hammering the banks with the big junk. Yep, Do Work Son. Cast your arm off. The bite will get better as the fall closes in around us. Having said that, the streamer junkies are having a ball and catching some fish. Stop in the shop for the up to the minute streamer report from Ninch, Jake, John, Julie, Sara, Dewey, Mark…

Flows and Water Temps

Flows are holding at our normal summer 2013 3K range. The Water Temps are falling slowly and we encourage them to go to the 58F range. We love the BWO’s in the fall! Really going to be good as October approaches! Book today for your fall fly fishing trip to the Missouri River.

Headhunters Fly Shop Porch Sale Today

Stop on by before or after your fishing today and tomorrow for great deals on closeout summer fly fishing stuff! We have a little of everything on sale as to make room for the fall, winter, and swinging season ahead of us. Flip-Flops, Buff Gloves, packs, bags, rod tubes, Demo Rods, Women’s Technical Clothing, Men’s Button Up Shirts, Logo’s Ball Caps…all good stuff for a great price. BBQ too with Headhunters Famous Garlic and Onion Burgers!



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  • Thanks for making a statement about ethics. This same sort of crap happens far too often on the North Fork of the Blackfoot with the bullies as well. We need ¬†prominent fishermen making more posts like these. Thanks again and happy casting.¬†

  • Thanks Mac. Yah, it’s bullshit and those folks, the perps, know it. They just have no regard for the future, other anglers, or the fish. None at all.

  • Hang the Redd Stompers!

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