Missouri River Fishing Report September 26

Missouri River Fishing Report September 26

Missouri River Fishing Report September 26

All good here in this neighborhood as we move into the last week of September and have October on our minds. The fishing has us thinking that direction too.

The Dry Fly Bite

Getting better every day. The past few days the tiny BWO’s are out there in the afternoon with strong hatches. Flies that rule include a small skittering caddis, a BWO ripple, a Callibaetis cripple, your favorite emerger…but we like the bigger flies to fool those fish. Remember that if you drag the fly over the trout and then expect said trout to take your fly in the near future because you made a perfect drift…think again. If you inform the enemy you are coming they are generally more prepared than before.

The Nymph Bite

Missouri River Fishing Report September 26Really good. Lots of anglers fishing without split shot. The weeds are still present but waning. Fish a tungsten bead on the top and let the bottom one wander. Int he afternoons you can certainly shorten up or go OG Short Leash with a tiny bead for the lead fly and no weight for the second. The original version from way back. Like to beat those techy dry fly fish? Go to the short short OG leash.

Czechs, scuds, sows, worms, Hare’s Ear’s, Brush Hogs, October Caddis pupa for the top fly have been our best sellers. Then you can look for anything like a sow and the plethora of available slender BWO patterns that get us through the fall into winter. Headhunters has a great selection and lots of them.

The Streamer Bite

Getting better too. A few fellers out there stripping away. But I have not heard or seen any big ones come over the wire as of late. But it will happen. Did see a few swinger out there yesterday as well and that is the direction the shop staff is leaning as we watch the leaves fall from the trees.

Headhunters Fly Shop

Open daily from 7am til 8pm. Need a new fly line late in the day? We got ’em. A streamer line might get you excited. Remember how good it feels to cast a new line? It is awesome. Lodging, guides, SIMMS, warm clothing, sale items, demo rods for use and sale, the best in flies, and a friendly informational staff to get you into more fish!

Information, entertainment, education, and customer service set Headhunters apart in Craig.

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  • Mark, what is an OG Short Leash ? I googled it and came back with dog leashes. Sorry not familiar with MT fishing styles yet. Planning on being there in Mid October.

    • Original Gangster is the meaning of OG. A term the kids used to use in the late 90’s. A short leash is a short nymph rig w/o split shot. See you in Mid Oct!

  • if you r old enough you would know that a “short leash” is a term used by same sex partners ( usually female) to let their partner know who’s in charge. goes back to the U of Dub sororities initiations in the sixties. just sayin’.

  • Dan from Ohio
    October 1, 2017 7:53 am

    Wow pam that was really important information- I’m sure everybody here looking at fishing stuff is also just extremely interested in weird sh*t like that…

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