Missouri River June Flies

Missouri River Flies for early June

The bottom is dropping out right now as I write this Tuesday evening. Look at the chart. You will approve.

Already speculation that there will not be enough water to fill the reservoir. It is just that until we see what the level is like in the last week of June.

What we do know is the dry fly fishing will turn around. Tuesday afternoon saw  some glimpses of the future. And I gotta tell you, I liked it.

Wednesday, today, will bring us more info, real-time knowledge and a fishing report.

Tuesday turned up smelling a lot better than Monday. Way better. The fish were on the bite and the river was nearly empty. Really quite nice.

Check out the levels and smile. We’ll see you on your favorite dry fly flat soon.

Knock on wood.

Missouri River Flies for early June

Missouri RIver June Flies
Missouri River June Flies

Row 1: San Wire Worm, UV Czech Nymph, Tailwater Sow, Purple Weight Fly

Row 2: Tungsten Dart, Tungsten Reckoner, PT Soft Hackle, Olive Anato May, Two Bit Hooker, Little Green Machine, Angelhair Flashback PT, Tungsten Redemption PMD, Red Zebra Midge

Row 3: Buzzball, Parachute Black Ant, Purple Haze, Purple Phase Loop-WIng, Nymen’s DOA Cripple Baetis, Elk Hair CDC Caddis

Row 4: Bloom’s CDC Caddis, Double Duck Caddis, Johnson’s RC Caddis, Stockingwing Caddis, Tan Wing Emerger, Translucent Caddis


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  • Thanks for this post! Glad to know some hot flies in June. My family and I are coming June 16 for a week and hope to stop by the shop and pick up gear! First time to fish mighty MO and can’t wait.

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