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A few June events to keep in mind as we move into my favorite month of the year.

Summer has arrived albeit not officially til later in the month. The days are getting really nice, and really long. More time for angling here on Montana’s Missouri River.

Photo sent in from our good friends Leonard and Dan Gross along with Rick Green. This one above shot by Len of brother Dan.


  • PMD’s. Soon. Usually the 2nd week of June.
  • Caddis. They were here, then they left. They will return in bigger numbers and trout love Caddis Flies.
  • BBQ’s at Headhunters. Impromptu BBQ Events all summer long.
  • Drift Boat Drive-In Friday June 20th @ Headhunters Fly Shop. BBQ, beer, movies, fly fishing madness @ Dusk.
  • Izaak’s open daily. Joe’s open daily. Montana pares fishing food and beverage here in downtown Craig.
  • Yellow Sally’s. Those yellow devils return later in the month.
  • Longest day of the year.
  • Dearborn River Floats. Give us a call to get on board and learn more about this seasonal float.
  • The next two weeks will be an indicator of things to come. the water is coming down, how and when we can only guess along with info from the USBR. It is a crap shoot. Keep it here for up to the minute water and hatch reports.

The fishing has been hit and miss the last week with the water levels moving around violently. Some to none for the dry fly anglers. The nymphers are having mediocre angling with catch rates down from our fantastic average. The streamer guys have been getting a few here and there. Stripping hard, stopping often.

June will bring a change for us here on the Missouri River. When and how? We thinks it will go the dry fly route. But nobody is infallible. Nobody.

See you here in Craig @ Headhunters Fly Shop and Guide Service for all things Missouri River. Shades by Smith and Costa. Clothing from FreeFly, SIMMS, Headhunters Logo Wear, Fishpond. Sungear from SIMMS, BUFF, 12wt., FreeFly. Raingear from SMMS. Rods from SAGE, Orvis, ECHO, and Sweetgrass Bamboo. Reeles from Abel, SAGE, Hatch, Orvis, Nautilus, ECHO, Galvan. Fly Lines from RIO Products, Airflo, Cortland, and Wulff. Flies from all 4 corners of the earth and the best in dry flies for the Missouri River here @ Headhunters.

We got yer back on all day long shuttles, info, coffee, raw baloney, and much more in Craig. Open daily @ 7am.

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