Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 1.12.16

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 1.12.16

A break in the cold weather yesterday led some anglers to creep into the cool winter waters. Central Montana’a Missouri River never closes. It does become un-fishable a few times a year, but these periods are often short.

The air temps this week will reach the mid and upper 30’s and may even creek into the 40F range. Oh so nice a break like this in January. Sun, then clouds, then snow as she will turn for the worse and dip towards chilliness again.

Today at the shop we are counting flies. Fly inventory day. A short 3-4 hour period with all hands on deck will take care of this annual task.  We generally handle north of 100K flies. Quick work for nimble counters.

As the slush has left the waters for the week we enjoy a few opportunities to fish. May get out in the boat later this week. The snow day on Thursday looks really quite nice. Fish anywhere to Mid Canon with ease. I’d take a look at the boat ramp, the ending boat ramp before I launched the boat. Just for kicks. 4WD is probably a must for any boat ramp with pitch to it.

Wade anywhere as well but watch the shelf ice. Most of the river has some sort of shelf issues. Be very careful if you choose to winter fish.

A feller was in yesterday that had hooked a few on a cluster midge. That is cool. That time is coming. By February there will be more dry fly opportunities.

Slow water is the key. Get the fly near the bottom and let it ride. Albeit slowly. Patience is good for a winter angler. Use split if you have to. Most of the time in those slower water zones you can get away without the weight.

Winter flavors shine. Headhunters as your Winter Fishing HQ has your back. We have a wide selection of pink patterns. We got bobbers too.

The swingers are out there too. Less ice in the guides for both the single and double handers this week will bring both sets out. The swingers are getting some action in the tail end of the swing. Not as much on the big front end swing. But still moving the fly is a good idea. Or letting it be still can sometimes work too.

Smaller trout spey flies like the traditional bugger, Clousers, Marabou patterns, Skiddish Smolts, and your good ‘ol home brews!

Give us a shout or stop in any day 8-6. We are here in Craig MT daily.

Visit us at any of our Social Sites too…Instagram, Facebook, or Vimeo.


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