Headhunters Fly Shop Missouri River Fishing Report June 16th 2018

Headhunters Fly Shop Missouri River Fishing Report June 16th 2018

The latest on Missouri River Flows

Headed higher due to heavy precipitation basin wide today. Headed back above 12,000 cfs today. Rising above 13,000 cfs Monday. More precipitation Monday and Tuesday. An inch in this storm. Another inch combined Monday and Tuesday. June rainfall amounts historically are 2.62″. We may get there by Tuesday.

Check out the Toston flows at press time afternoon here in central Montana.

Headhunters Fly Shop Missouri River Fly Fishing Report June 16th 2018

Yes. Falling rapidly. This rain event will pass through quickly and we will resume are path towards lower flows and dry fly Valhalla.

The first time in a couple months the outflows at Holter Dam are greater than the inflows at Boston Dam. Yes, that is the path we like.

Flows in another week? Don’t know. My guess is lower than we are currently. How much? 8K? I doubt it. You will either be here or not. Call the shop for any info that we may have hot off the press. We love to talk about fishing!

Mid June Weather

Variable. Today it is raining hard, north wind at 15+, 53F. COLD, WINDY, WET. We have also seen 95F a couple days. Calm. Both extremes. Pack raingear, a puffball jacket for cool river mornings, sunglasses, flip-flops, sun shirts, Buff’s and your beer koozie.

Dry Fly Report

When you find a couple the trout are not choosy. But, that weeklong anything goes grace period is nearly over. Not too many fish rising real. Too high for the masses to reach toward the surface. And getting higher as mentioned above in the near future. 13K is the level where you still see a few.

Look tight to banks. On soft inside subtle seams. Find the soft water. The water temps are in the low 60’s. The fish are active. They will move. Keep that in mind whilst nymphing too. They will move.

Cripples will get it done. Have not heard of anyone tossing anything PMD techy. Thanks day will come all too soon. Right now focus on a fly you can both see. You, and the fish.

Nymphing Report

You can go one of two ways. Freestone Style or Tailwater Style. Freestone Style includes a big attractor pattern up top with a small nymph trailing. 4′-6′ from bobber to split. A couple shot if you wish. Run out the smaller nymph. Play straight line tight. Stay away from all of that summer time mending. No need. Drag it around. Toss it into the shoreline. Flows at 10K plus allow for this freestone method as the water depth on the shore is adequate to run some nymphs two to four foot down. At normal flows the depth shoreside is pretty skinny.

Tailwater Style includes a couple techy small caddis and PMD nymphs. The nature of the smaller nymphs allows for less weight as the penetration of narrow diameter nymphs is quicker. Tungsten Redemption, Tungsten Reckoner, Mason’s Peep Show, any of those killer jigged PT derivations, BH Splitcase PMDs, non beaded PMD Splitcase, Trigger Nymphs…and a whole pile that Ninch has got for you in the bins.

Ninch is the Missouri River Fly Sommelier.

Ed Note: You gotta come by and check it out. The best fly selection and Missouri River diversity I have laid my eyes on. Truly impressive.

Big flies include Zirdle, Rubber Legs, Yuk Bug, Montana Nymph, GRHE, Worm, Zonker, Crawdad. Lower fly includes French, Peep Show, Hot Spot PT, S & M, Two Bit Hooker, Split Back PMDs, Bubble Backs, Bloom’s Weight Fly, Tung Dart, Translucent Pupa BH, and a ton more small techy PMD type nymphs.

We are in a period where so many different flies work. Too many to list. Stop in and find any of the above flies in our always stocked fly bins or order them online here.

Bugger Chuckers

One way to Mo River higher water success? Yes. The fish gotta see it to eat it. If you are not deep enough you may not interest too many to bite the escaping injured baitfish.

Tips my fishy friends. Come by and get yourself the right streamer line. Heavier than normal. We have all the add-on tips for you too. Bring that dry fly line and we will fit a loop to loop tip to make that line sing for you. Subsurface of course.

Big and heavy. We never say that. But if you like the gaudy stuff, now is the time. Add a couple split to your rig if you like. A tip, a specific heavy streamer line, or split shot. 3 ways to get the fly into the window of trout.

Headhunters Fly Shop

We have tons of lodging, guides available, information, rain gear, sun gear, rental boats, shuttle service, free rot gut coffee every morning, the only fly shop in Craig with free Wi-Fi, cell coverage, and the fishiest staff in town.

Open daily 7am-8pm. Call us 406-235-3447 for up to the minute hatch info.

See you tonight at the Annual Missouri River Rendezvous put on by Upper Missouri River Watershed Alliance at the fire hall 6pm!

Upper Missouri River Watershed Alliance Annual River Rendezvous

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  • Mike Cochran
    June 21, 2018 1:29 pm

    Good afternoon, heading your way next weekend with the United Women on the Fly, Heather is our leader!!! After reading the above fishing report, a question? We have planned on bringing our 12′ two person pontoon boat (Bucks Bags Headhunter) to float some of the sections. We would like to stop and do some wading in certain areas but not sure where to launch and take out. Can you help us there?, and we will arrange a shuttle. We have used this 2-person pontoon boat on Idaho Rivers ( NF-Coeur d Alene and St Joe up to 6,500CFS and steelhead fishing on the Grand Ronde in the Fall). Missouri will be the largest river to use this floatation boat (Manufacturer rates this for Class II rivers, but feels it can handle more with experienced rowers, etc.). In your opinion, are we crazy or is this a duoable thing. We are both experienced rowers, but is boat worthy of the mighty MO? Thanks for your help and consideration….Mike and Sara Cochran

    • It’s fine if you are comfortable. Getting out and wading will not be an option. The islands are covered up in water. Way too deep. Launch and take out can be decided with a shop member. That will be the easy part. Look forward to seeing you two on the coming trip!

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