Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 8.11.15

Getting through the month ain’t easy all the time.

But this last week has been better than the previous, yet again, and we are encouraged with the bite…at least yesterday.

Understand that comment above? Me neither.

Some catching them and others not. Depends not he day for most. Hero to Zero real fast..and then back again.

Nice and quiet mornings have been fishing pretty good. Record setting? No. But I like me an early August cool morning with not too many boats around you. Quiet yes indeed.

The hot nymph is still the Little Green Machine. The Tailwater Tiny, Micro May, Two Bit Hooker in Red, Red Headed Step Child, Indigo Child, Zebra are all players too.

Fish a bigger top fly for some sort of success. Or just two tiny ones. That works too.

The hopper is a good bet and most are doing just that in the afternoons. Sometimes the same number of top water bites as subsurface takes later int he day…so choose wisely my fishy friends.

What would Yoda do?

Again a good early start can make your day. Warmer nights can bring the fish out earlier. Good late season Trico activity in the upper reaches. A short lived spinner fall but some days you can squeak out a couple hours of good head hunting.

Try ants, any Callibaetis pattern you like, low riding hopper patterns, skittering caddis, a spruce fly for blind fishing love.

Stop in and see us daily for free perked coffee at 6am. Anything you may need, we may have…just ask. Info is always exchanged not eh porch at Headhunters.

Izaak’s open Tuesday thru Sunday 3pm for cocktails, 4pm for dinner. Frenchman and Me open til about 9pm for dinner, about 7am for breakfast. Wolf Creek Store daily at 7am for an convenience needs you may have. Gas too.




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