Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 1.8.14

Cold ? Yes.

Good? Yes.

It really does not change much in the winter months. The weather changes more often than any other factor.

Water temps wobbling between 34F and 35F. Pretty standard for winter months. Last year the water temps did not fall to those cool level all winter long. More in the 36F range. Two degrees can be a big difference when you achieve these consistent low temps.

Flows are holding at the 3000cfs mark. Standard.

Quite a bit of shelf ice around per se, but be careful when wading around. The boat ramps have some snow on them, so check it out before you choose your float. Stop into Headhunters for additional information. We’ll point you in the right direction.

Nymphers are having the best luck. In this bitter cold the fish do not like to move much. So get the Firebead on them and set the hook. Soft inside runs and nearly stopped water is your key to winter nymphing success. Stop by and we will get you hooked up with the right rig. We’ll show you the magic.

Dry fly? Some. Here and there. Midges mostly. Well, only. Cluster mainly, with a tiny dropper.

Streamers? Yes. Swinging slowly. Seek ye deep runs for more fun. Deeper, slower, bigger?

We’ll be counting flies on today in the shop. A yearly pain in the ass. Allows us to get up close and personal.

We are always doing shuttles. Daily. We are open at 8am per usual. Still some sale items around along side the new stuff too. Fly tying night tonight @ 6pm til 8pm. See you there, here,

Weather for the week is warming, a bit. Anglers out daily nymphing and streamer fishing. Some fellers out too scoping the waters with binoculars. Do they spy any rising trout? Hmmm…


Some dry fly stuff. Occasional rising trout. Find them in stopped backeddy type water roaming around looking for


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