BUFF it out for Winter

BUFF it out for winter

We love this piece for all season play.

Have you worn your BUFF  in the winter months? We have.

Once you get onto this critical outdoor accessory, you never look back.

There are two kinds of people. Those who wear the BUFF daily and those who thinks it makes them look funny.


Once you don this popular sun protector, neck warmer, fashion piece you will miss the omnipresent BUFF when you forget it in your washing machine.

BUFF it out for Winter

I like a fresh BUFF. Not a many day worn sweaty yet stinky hankerchiff. Sometimes we see smell those on Mo River Trout Bums.

The sheer number of designs and styles of BUFF Headwear is shocking. You could wear a different print daily for a year and not come close to repeating a design.

Headhunters Fly Shop has a vat full of BUFF’s for your daily wardrobe pleasure. While the winter leaves us with a narrower selection, we still have dozens of choices.

We have the BUFF Glove in a few varieties as well. Most of them are on a winter super sale…the glove.

The BUFF is one of the essential winter layering pieces for any outdoor activity. All season long.

Ever wonder how to wear your BUFF in many differing styles? Watch this killer video…



How to Wear a Buff® from Buff, Inc. on Vimeo.

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