Fly Tying Night in America

Fly Tying Night in America @ Headhunters Fly Shop

It is January and the time has arrived to tie flies Wednesday nights @ Headhunters Fly Shop in Craig.

Our 3rd or 4th season of weekly fly tying here on the Missouri River. Are you ready?

Our program is different than other fly tying sessions hosted by fly shops. This is not a lesson based operation, it is merely a tying session.

Fly Tying Night in America

You may see a feller tying a Arnold’s Sculpin, a Pink Lightening Bug, a Buzzball, a Parachute Adams, Flying Ants, Firebead Rays…and a Zebra!

Why not try a Just Add Vise kits while you are here? Easy-Peasy all inclusive kits with videos. Yah, perfect.

So come and join us every Wednesday 6pm-8pm.

We’ll see you in downtown Craig tomorrow night.


Firebead Ray Charles. Certainly appropriate for the season!


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  • Mark/John and all. Thank you for hosting Fly Tying in America once again. I can’t make the inaugural 2024 session but will be there soon tying . ¬†Take care!

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