Winter wader Maintenance

Winter Wader Maintenance

It’s time for this task. Do they smell?

I bet they do.

Dirty waders don’t breathe well. Did I mention the stench that some acquire over time?

Many, most, anglers do not take care of their waders. Never washing, never repairing pinhole leaks and applying Revivex is a far away dream.

Reminds me of the fly line maintenance that we should all do more often too!

SIMMS recommends washing your waders once in a while. Never do this before they smell. That would be a waste of time.

Check out step one here.

Winter Wader Maintenance




After you finish washing those babies out, removing the goo, grease, and stank you may want to update the DWR qualities of the SIMMS wader. Revivex is the key. We use Revivex on out SIMMS Jackets too. It brings them back. If you have never done this, it is the year. The year for better waders.

Call the shop if you need assistance or swing by to pick up Revivex, the Gear Aid Silicone Repair Kits, or advice on successful wader repair. We can also send any waders back that need more repair than you are prepared to do.

We are your SIMMS dealer on the Missouri River.

Check out this video on how to apply Revivex making your next wade fishing season a dry one.




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