Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 12.8.14

Pretty good fishing, pretty good weather, pretty good times.

Adam straight outta Omaha fishing with his brother today and guide Mark Raisler. Fun times, used the net bunch,a dn had a couple pulls front he flask. All good all day.

The weather is getting much better and they, the weather dude, is threatening a day or two over 50F? What? December weather?

Pink is good. Worms are good. Firebeads are good. Sowbugs are good. Split shot is good.

Slower inside bends where the water speed goes from slow, to slower, to almost stopped. Look for the water speed that is one notch above stagnant. Then just toss the fly in and wait.

Hit the fly hard and hope it is a trout. Lots of rainbows getting bigger as they do in the winter months.

Saw a few fish roaming around near the surface, but they are decoys.

Streamer fishing is OK. Swingers are out and catching a few.

Water temps in the 36-37F range.

Guide trips for a winter bargain of $395. Guide trips out this last weekend, spey clinics too.

Spey Guide trips are @ $300 for the remainder of the month. Get some!

Fly shop open for shuttles, Xmas gifts, GIFT CARDS, fly lines, fly rods, flies, guide trips, rental boats, and anything fishy you may need beginning daily @ 8am.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report
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