Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 7.29.14

Missouri River Trout Fishing on the Missouri River is good. Damn good.

The dry fly fishing has been truly great. Did you read the fishing report blog from a few days ago? It still is as good as you are. Honest.

PMD’s are still a factor as we had a couple spinner falls that rival any I have seen in my entire life. As good as a Trico Spinner Fall, but much paler in color. A pale green one at that.

The caddis are making an appearance, slowly, and the trout are eating them well. We fish the caddis over the Trico feeding trout…often.

Check out the Trico Video Dead Flies Don’t Swim from John and Scumliner Media this last week!

Some very large spinner falls this last week. Will it continue this next week? Golly, we hope so. Should have Trico’s for another month if history is any indication. Mother Mo can fool us, and does often. Trico hatch nearly every morning with that spinner fall that we all love. The entire HH gang has been out fishing daily to get some of the best, wait “The Best of the Year”, dry fly fishing. It is really good.

Trico’s all the way from Holter to Cascade. PMD’s? on some sections and not as much on others. Sally’s? Gone.

A few ways to catch them this coming week. Go out and stake up. Wait for the Trico’s to come. Or toss some attractors all day long. Hoppers? OK. Or toss nymphs and get ’em that way too.

Shop open daily @ 6am for all things Missouri River Trout. Shuttles, demo rods, rental boats, guides, killer flies, and a fantastic staff to help you enjoy your Missouri River visit.



Missouri River Montana Fishing Report
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  • Hey Mark/John,
    Sounds like it is awesome right now. I am hoping to make it down mid August. Can you make a blog post or a comment on your leader set up for dry fly fishing this time of year? Just an idea for a post. Not looking for secrets but some general comments… 🙂


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