Missouri River Montana Fishing Report

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 6.21.14

PMD’s, Caddis, Yellow Sally’s, Ants.

The upper river has a pile of PMD’s coming off in the morning with the spinner fall sometime in the afternoon. Emergers, cripples, and spinners. All you need. The mid and lower are experiencing the same thing. Those who like to post up and cast at singles are fishing from Craig upstream. Those who like to roll downstream and blind it out there…are fishing the canyon and beyond.

Caddis seem to be the game in the canyon and ad downriver. Terrestrials are can make a few fish llil up too. Sally’s are beginning to show in the middle and up river of Mid Canon. They are generally good to great in the lower canyon and in the swifter currents towards Pelican.

Downwinged flies are the key to success here on this fabulous spring creek like resource. Patterns that sit in the film, in the water, not high riding flies…are the KEY. Hence the Buzzball pattern. Use it soon.

The flows are just perfect for wade fishing and drift fishing. The flows are 4400cfs and the water temps are holding nicely in the 58F range. All good in this Missouri River neighborhood.

Stop in and say hello early @ 630 am for coffee, the best fly selection on the Missouri River, free info, killer HH fresh & artful sungear hoody’s, cigars, cool logo’d lids, RIO Fly Lines, SAGE flyrods, Adipose rental boats…open late for your afternoon and evening shuttles too. See you here in the eli-center of Montana fly fishing soon!

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