Missouri River trico fishing video

Dead Flies Don’t Swim – Video

Dead Flies Don’t Swim is a short video shot last week in our backyard. Mark and I love the Trico hatch, and this season it’s been better than it has in years. We thought we’d go out and gather a few clips with the help of shop guys Braden Lewis and John Ewald. Mark shares some of his thoughts on this famous Missouri River hatch. Video or not, it’s nice to get out early in the morning with friends.

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  • Thrilling and enjoyable video!!!!!!

  • Great video!
    Eh… sponsored by Orvis while fishing a Sage Method? 🙂

    • Orvis is dedicated to promoting fly fishing video, and supports a wide variety of film makers. It has nothing to do with promoting products. It has everything to do with promoting small video production. I – and others – are grateful for their support.

  • If that video doesn’t make your head swim, you must be dead! Great job boys!

  • We were staking up 10 days ago…..the spinner falls were like the 90’s You had to work for them……a good reach cast got it done if you could get close enough

    How is the evening caddis fall???

    We sort of missed that.

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