Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 5.3.15

All is good on the Missouri River near Craig Montana. Up and down the river all of your favorite stretches are fishing well.

The wind has been haunting us for the week behind us and let us hope that it is not as prevalent as we move forward into May.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 5.3.15

Things to look for this month.

  • March Browns. They are here. From Craig on downwards. The trout love the dry. They are fond of the nymph too. Try a T-Head PT or any March Brown Nymph you like and a Para March Brown. We got Crips, Emergers, and Duns in stock today.
  • Baetis. The best hatch this month. Should go another couple weeks. Look for better fishing on overcast and inclement days. Pray for them. While we like the sun we also like rising fish.
  • The arrival of Caddis. Yep, this is the traditional month for the Mothers Day Caddis. Around Mothers Day? Probably.
  • The Drift Boat Drive-In Montana Fishing Film Festival @ Headhunters Fly Shop Friday Nite May 15th. Be there! The normal swag, fun, food, and beer type of party. The fun you have come to associate HH and the Missouri River with.
  • Craig Caddis Festival and BBQ Cook-Off Saturday May 16th. A big event for the entire family. The fishing is good too. See you after the day for food, music, fun, and cool stuff to buy in our live and silent auctions!
  • Slower traffic than April. May is a kick ass month for blind fishing mayflies and eighth fishing them too. Most of the HH staffers just love this month. For some it is their favorite. Yours too? It may be…ha!
  • Slower traffic than June as well. June the cork comes off. If you like to fish without as many anglers around you, then May is your time.
  • Lodging availability. Good times here @ www.craiglodging.com.

Food for thought as we get into the real season here on the Mo. Remember to be polite on the river. Have seen some real bullshit moves from boat traffic as of late. Boats running over wade fishers areas. I see boats not giving the wade angler enough room. Remember that those fellas have walked in and do not have the liberty to move like the boat does. So…give those guys some room fellas. Be polite. Don’t practice asshole boat maneuvers.

Headhunters has full stuffed bins of flies. And the ones you need the most. And the most popular patterns too. Lots of them. Some shops do not order enough flies for the season. Ninch does not like to run out. 7wt. told Ninch that is the key to fly shop success. Information, education, customer service, entertainment…and tons of flies. Ninch abides.

We’ll certainly have an impromptu BBQ later in the month, After the Caddis Fest Weekend. We will have some food on the Drift Boat Drive-In Night too. Maybe Smores?

Check out the Headhunters Logo wear that we have in stock. Over 50 logo’d hats to choose from and manufacturers hats from SAGE, RIO, Simms, Howler Bros, YETI, and mach more!

Headhunters Fly Shop keeps the longest hours on the river too. We are open at 7am and open late til 8pm. The hours will expand as the season moves into full summer swing. Your late nite shopping shop. Late shuttles too. Want to fish after 5pm? No worries. we got your back.




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