Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 6.26.15

“Cosmic Dude”

Dan Gard would have said this. Or did. Or is.

Have not spoken to Dan this year but gotta believe the Ghost of Dan Present is here…sayin’


I second that comment Dan.

Cosmic is the word. Honest.

Dry fly fishing is as good as you make it. As good as you could expect it. As good as you dream abouyt.

Except for the conversion rate. That is totally up to you.

Do you have to land the fish to count it? Some do, some don’t and yet other don’t care at all about the landed trout.

They are into the entire experience. In its entirety.

PMD’s off daily on the upper. How many? Enough. Some days the hatch is magnified. Others not so much.

Caddis on the lower reaches is the key. Just like the upper river fish will take a caddis, the lower river fish will take a PMD…but both prefer the former, or latter?

Yellow Sally’s can be part of your day too.

Drakes? Yes. Read John’s post a few days ago about the occurrences…

Blackfoot? On fire.

The Missouri River? On fire.

Rainbow Release on the Missouri River

I was asked at the bar how I thought the fishing was. I stated…“Damn good.” The feller asked why I thought it was as such and I stated back…“When do you ever have as many opportunities at rising fish than right now.” And he said…“You know you are right. I pass several, if not dozens of rising fish till I come upon one I want to tangle with. if I stopped and fished to every rising fish I would consider it unbelievable.”

It is because where else do you have the opportunities like we are so very fortunate to have here on the Missouri River in June?

“I ask you where?”

Nymphers are delighted and so are the dry fly anglers. The weather is hot and getting hotter.

Will we survive? Yes.

Is it over? No.

Will the bugs hatch in the sun? They always have before. PMD’s and Caddis and Sally’s and Trico’s and Ants and Hoppers…are all sunny weather bugs. No?

Is it hot this weekend, or forecast? Oh yeah.

We sure love the summer here in Craig, the epi-center of fly fishing on the Mo.  Fly shops, Joe’s Bar, Izaak’s Restaurant, Wolf Creek, Cascade…all of it.

Visit us daily @ 630am and the latest open on the river til 9pm.

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