Pretty Damn Good

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report 9.9.13

Consensus taken on the porch at Headhunters Fly Shop Monday afternoon…guides, guests, fly fishing wanderers, bikers, and even a few worm tossers were surveyed. The answer?

Pretty damn good man.

Yes, pretty damn good indeed.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report | Pretty Damn Good Version

Hot flies are flying out of the shop this week. Plenty of dry flies for this rocking September. While the nymph fishing is not red, or even white hot at the dam it is pretty damn good. Yes, a consensus amongst fly fishermen? Does not happen often here on this river often. Yours?

So what are they, them, you using to bridge the gap between success and failure? All three disciplines are ringing their own bells.

The Dry Gang: Ants, beetles, big Adams, some select hoppers like Morrish and pink/purple combo’s. Callibaetis spinners continue to impress. Some Trico Spinner action too. Buzzballs, Renegades, Reneballs, Midge Clusters, Peanuts, Peacock PMX’s in the miniature variety, October Caddis, X-Caddis, CDC and Elk, Double Ducks…and some more I cannot remember from the Headhunters daily porch roundtable.

Blind Fishing is pretty damn good. Find your favorite water and have at ‘er. We like moving , the moving kind of water.

The Nymph Gang: Check out this post from today about September Nymph Fishing the Missouri River. Beyond that? Try anything you want. it may work. Secret Flies? Yep. October Caddis Pupa and big giant Hare’s Ears. Just sayin’. You want more Secret Squirrel Shit? Stop by the shop for some SSS.

The entire river is fishing well. Yet, many are at the dam. I hear fishing up there is pretty damn good.

Hush Hush: The Streamer Faction is on the move.

Water Temps: Hovering around 64F in the mornings and 66F in the afternoons. We expect it to dive, dive, dive. Shortly.

Water Levels: A boring and static 3060cfs. Will remain like this for…months.

Weed Quotient: Much lower this week than 3 weeks ago. Not even an issue anymore. They will be totally gone as we approach the Baetis Bonanza.

River Pressure: Light and low.

Terrestrials: Yes.

Dry Fly of the Year? The Ant.

Twitchin’ it? Maybe.

BBQ this Weekend? Yep. Yes Sir.

Joe’s Bar: Open 365 days/year.

Headhunters Fly Shop: Open daily for all your trout needs @ 6am til 8pm. Call for reservations on any lodging for September, October, or November. It’s time to plan now. Check it out.

Mother Mo: In good shape. Pretty dam good, man.





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